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AIESEC no Brasil

Nonprofit Organization Management

  • Revenue 501M - 1B
  • Size 1001 - 5000
  • HQ Contact +55 35 3629-1246
  • Website

Desde 1948 desenvolvendo lideranca em jovens atraves de intercambios View More

People working in AIESEC no Brasil

Anna Carolina
Vice President Incoming Exchange... ************@**** ********1420
Amanda Sampaio
Team Leader Customer Experience... **************@**** ********3877
Beatriz Freire
Team Leader **************@**** ********9798
Flavianne De
Team Leader oGV CX... ************@******* ********4681
Luis Gabriel
Team Leader of Business... ************@**** ********9163
Rafaela Cabral
Vice President of B2B... **************@**** ********4593
Luana Santos
Head of Product Development... ************@**** ********6133
Rafael Rocha
Team Leader SDR IR... ************@**** ********2267
Leticia Arruda
Team Leader Trabalho Voluntario... ***************@**** ********4828
Nicole Straub
Team Leader da equipe... *************@**** ********0225
Anna Julia
Costumer Experience Team Leader... **********@**** ********1729
Guilherme Barboza
Team Leader *****************@**** ********7076
Joao Barroso
Head Of Products ************@**** ********9188
Jessie Damasceno
Head of Product Operations... ****************@**** ********3202
Beatriz Macedo
Vice President **************@**** ********1427
Narie Vizolli
VP B2C *************@**** ********8925
Xrhstos Latsios
team leader of UR... ***************@**** ********7875
Manuela Ramos
Vicepresidente de oGT ************@**** ********3531
Carl Soliman
VP ************@**** ********0632
Brenda R
VP of Finance Legal... ********@**** ********2886
Thiago Monteiro
Head de Produto para... ***************@**** ********2998
Nicole Gomes
Team Leader B2C Mkt... ************@**** ********8243
Ana Victoria
Team Leader Outgoing Global... ************@**** ********7978
Barbara Gramacho
Sales and IR Team... ****************@**** ********4383
Marcus Brandao
Team Leader Sales **************@**** ********5814
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Products & Technologies used at AIESEC no Brasil

Products used at AIESEC NO BRASIL
Aws Firebase Google optimize 360 Tracker Max Next Woocommerce Ubuntu Frontpage Canvas Root Whatsapp Animate Zoom Flex Tumblr Flash player Skype Google analytics Wordpress
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Frequently asked questions about AIESEC no Brasil

  1. What does AIESEC NO BRASIL's do?
    Desde 1948 desenvolvendo lideranca em jovens atraves de intercambios
  2. What is AIESEC NO BRASIL's industry?
    Aiesec no brasil operates in Nonprofit organization management industry.
  3. What is AIESEC NO BRASIL's HQ phone number?
    Aiesec no brasil's HQ Phone number is +55 35 3629-1246
  4. What is AIESEC NO BRASIL's revenue?
    Aiesec no brasil's revenue is 501m - 1b
  5. What is AIESEC NO BRASIL's company size?
    Aiesec no brasil's has 1001 - 5000 people working.
  6. What is AIESEC NO BRASIL's official website? is official website of Aiesec no brasil.