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Financial Services

  • Revenue 501M - 1B
  • Size 1001 - 5000
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People working in AIB (NI)

Glenn Worley
Head of Credit Retail... ************@***** ********4392
Donal Mcauliffe
Group Head of Research... ***************@***** ********8975
Matthew Mooney
Head of Marketing Transformation... **************@***** ********4602
Eddie Conway
Vice President Leverage Finance... ************@***** ********5441
Niall Sharpe
Senior Vice President ************@***** ********1122
Finlay Mcfadyen
Head of Investment Banking... ***************@***** ********5693
Mark Harris
Head of Credit Review... ***********@***** ********8313
Pat Piggott
Head of Branches AIB... ***********@***** ********8240
Yekaterina Zhuk
Vice President ***************@***** ********9781
Michael Mcclements
Head of Mortgage Insights... ******************@***** ********9566
Tommy Mitchell
Head of Data Engineering... **************@***** ********5647
Michael Morris
Area Head AIB Financial... **************@***** ********8688
Terence Liston
Head Of Corporate Development... **************@***** ********7127
Mark Mckeown
Head of Belfast ND... ************@***** ********5941
Karla Mcclean
Head of Compliance *************@***** ********5310
Mark Desmond
Vice President ************@***** ********2589
Karen Coyle
Head of Sustainability Health... ***********@***** ********7286
John Kelly
Head of Enterprise Risk... **********@***** ********9301
Conor Mcgrath
Head of Treasury ALM... *************@***** ********4113
Alan Mahon
Head of AIB Equity... **********@***** ********0931
Stephen Kelly
Head of Risk Analytics... *************@***** ********2597
Maria Vercoe
Head of Group Internal... ************@***** ********5287
Paudie Bell
Head of Payments Transformation... ***********@***** ********9913
Mark Fitzharris
Head of Direct Banking... ***************@***** ********5413
Sean Jong
Head of Retail IRB... *********@***** ********0462
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Products & Technologies used at AIB (NI)

Products used at AIB (NI)
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Frequently asked questions about AIB (NI)

  1. What does AIB (NI)'s do?
    Were here to keep you updated on AIB (NI) news, financial services industry insights and expert business reports
  2. What is AIB (NI)'s industry?
    Aib (ni) operates in Financial services industry.
  3. What is AIB (NI)'s revenue?
    Aib (ni)'s revenue is 501m - 1b
  4. What is AIB (NI)'s company size?
    Aib (ni)'s has 1001 - 5000 people working.
  5. What is AIB (NI)'s official website? is official website of Aib (ni).