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AIA Financial Logo

AIA Financial


  • Revenue 1B+
  • Size 10000+
  • HQ Contact +62 21 54218888
  • Website

AIA Financial is an insurance company based out of Jalan Yos Sudarso, Gajahan, India View More

People working in AIA Financial

Vicky Onardo
Owner - STAR 01... v***********@** ********0770
Moch Zainuri
Owner m***********@** ********9146
Lie Shiang
Head of Administration l*********@** ********7594
Anastasia Arkady
Head of Partnership Distribution... a***************@** ********9257
Teddy Arifin
SVP t***********@** ********6187
Chian Goh
Head of Agency Strategy... c********@** ********0292
Dani Kurnia
Regional Business Head d**********@** ********5481
Teddy Arifin
SVP Corporate Solutions t***********@** ********4197
Oki Pribadi
Head of Channel -... o**********@** ********4855
Hanny Susanto
Director h************@** ********2965
Dedy Irawan
Associate Director - SMG... d**********@** ********3348
Rinny Sunaryo
Director r************@** ********0947
Roy Sugianto
Agency Director r***********@** ********4279
Norman Tan
Senior Agency Director n*********@** ********9436
Okwal Fahrudin
Agency Director o*************@** ********2325
Dian Lestari
Agency Director d***********@** ********3112
Dedy Zebua
Associate Director - HARVEST... d*********@** ********5544
Yuli Gobel
Agency Director y*********@** ********2132
Yusi Yusnita
Agency Director y***********@** ********1732
Anny Sallata
Marketing Consultant a***********@** ********1443
Iwan Setiawan
bancassurance consultant i************@** ********2955
Celeste Lum
Financial Consultant c**********@** ********4241
Satria Wibowo
Bancassurance Consultant s************@** ********9045
Dhiyah Ismah
Executive Bancassurance Consultant d***********@** ********1591
Aris Mardianto
Financial Consultant a*************@** ********6117
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Products & Technologies used at AIA Financial

Technology Stack used at AIA FINANCIAL
Payment Communication Financial
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Products used at AIA FINANCIAL
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Frequently asked questions about AIA Financial

  1. What does AIA FINANCIAL's do?
    AIA Financial is an insurance company based out of Jalan Yos Sudarso, Gajahan, India
  2. What is AIA FINANCIAL's industry?
    Aia financial operates in Insurance industry.
  3. What is AIA FINANCIAL's HQ phone number?
    Aia financial's HQ Phone number is +62 21 54218888
  4. What is AIA FINANCIAL's revenue?
    Aia financial's revenue is 1b+
  5. What is AIA FINANCIAL's company size?
    Aia financial's has 10000+ people working.
  6. What is AIA FINANCIAL's official website? is official website of Aia financial.