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AHRC Nassau

Individual & Family Services

  • Revenue 501M - 1B
  • Size 1001 - 5000
  • HQ Contact +1 516-626-1000
  • Website ahrc.org

AHRC Nassau empowers people to live fulfilling lives together with family - friends - community. A chapter of the The Arc New York, AHRC Nassau has been providing an array of services and family supports to more than 2,200 people with special needs throughout Nassau County for nearly 70 years View More

People working in AHRC Nassau

Marlene Roberts
Secretary ********@**rc.org ********8282
Lisa Brandes
Secretary ********@**rc.org ********0272
Sylvester Naraine
Vice President of Finance... *****************@**rc.org ********2665
Rob White
senior director of human... ******@**rc.org ********8538
Sabrina Holmes
Assistant Director *******@**rc.org ********5877
Adina Bogdan
residential services assistant director... *******@**rc.org ********3221
Marcia Pulewitz
Assistant Director *********@**rc.org ********6689
Richard Vandyke
IT Director ********@**rc.org ********7261
Jim Vanepps
Director of Facilities Management... ********@**rc.org ********5365
Maura Boden
Former Assistant Director ******@**rc.org ********1231
Anne Miller
Director *******@**rc.org ********2556
Jim Stock
Assistant Director Talent Acquisition... ******@**rc.org ********4895
Kimberly Stillwell
Assistant Director of Quality... **********@**rc.org ********7136
Christine Schulte
Senior Director of Behavioral... ********@**rc.org ********4975
Kathryn Jussen
Assistant Director *******@**rc.org ********0590
Todd Borom
Director of Corporate Engagement... ******@**rc.org ********5341
Denise Licata
Director *******@**rc.org ********6309
Christopher Williams
Director of Day Habilitation... *********@**rc.org ********9171
Gina M
Assistant Director **@**rc.org ********9523
Stephen Krown
Senior Director ******@**rc.org ********4563
Anthony Butler
Assistant Director *******@**rc.org ********1338
Stanfort Perry
Executive Director ******@**rc.org ********7204
Justin Dantzler
Director Employment Services *********@**rc.org ********2571
Maria Marin
Assistant Director ******@**rc.org ********5468
Lauren Loyal
Assistant Director of Psychology... ******@**rc.org ********1247
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Products & Technologies used at AHRC Nassau

Technology Stack used at AHRC NASSAU
Assessment Communication Vr Payroll Talent acquisition Sign-on Scheduling Staffing
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Products used at AHRC NASSAU
Director Visit Excel Word Outlook Wordpress Workplace Compass Links Jquery Google analytics Sage Typekit Next Amazon connect Root Flex Eric Safe
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Frequently asked questions about AHRC Nassau

  1. What does AHRC NASSAU's do?
    AHRC Nassau empowers people to live fulfilling lives together with family - friends - community. A chapter of the The Arc New York, AHRC Nassau has been providing an array of services and family supports to more than 2,200 people with special needs throughout Nassau County for nearly 70 years
  2. What is AHRC NASSAU's industry?
    Ahrc nassau operates in Individual & family services industry.
  3. What is AHRC NASSAU's HQ phone number?
    Ahrc nassau's HQ Phone number is +1 516-626-1000
  4. What is AHRC NASSAU's revenue?
    Ahrc nassau's revenue is 501m - 1b
  5. What is AHRC NASSAU's company size?
    Ahrc nassau's has 1001 - 5000 people working.
  6. What is AHRC NASSAU's official website?
    www.ahrc.org is official website of Ahrc nassau.