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Staffing and Recruiting

  • Revenue 501M - 1B
  • Size 10000+
  • HQ Contact +91 80 6840 7000
  • Website

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People working in Adecco India Pvt Ltd

Swapnil Ghuge
Team Leader Process *************@****** ********8474
Sunitha Sharma
Vertical Head **************@****** ********4130
Niharika Sharma
Team Leader Process ***************@****** ********1889
Savita Birajdar
Sr Team Leader ***************@****** ********0716
Ashesh Pattnaik
Operations Head ***************@****** ********2688
Hemapriya S
Team Leader ***********@****** ********1133
Ujwala Kudur
Vertical Head IT Products... ************@****** ********8704
Ramaswamy Balan
Head Commercial ***************@****** ********9627
Rahul Joshi
Adecco SA is a... ***********@****** ********2976
Murali S
Team Leader Treasury ********@****** ********4068
Vijay Nn
Business HeadBFSI ********@****** ********8264
Usha Venkatesh
National Vertical Head BFSI... **************@****** ********1678
Vinayak Odu
Process Leader Payroll ***********@****** ********1876
Deva Kumar
Principal Consultant **********@****** ********5019
Dilip Jain
HEAD RETAIL SALES **********@****** ********7444
Pareekshit Bhat
Head of Legal ***************@****** ********3418
Mathi Ganesan
Principal Consultant *************@****** ********8316
Kamal Xavier
Vertical Head ************@****** ********0762
Ginu Saji
Head Hunter *********@****** ********5980
Mudassir Pasha
Team leader **************@****** ********1234
Javeed Azeem
Vice President ************@****** ********6907
Amitabh Roy
Zonal Head Sales West... ***********@****** ********1311
Seetharam Poola
Team Leader ***************@****** ********2699
Vanitha K
Vertical Head *********@****** ********2004
Shekhar Banerjee
Direct Sales Team Leader... ****************@****** ********1538
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Products & Technologies used at Adecco India Pvt Ltd

Products used at ADECCO INDIA PVT LTD
Amazon connect Sap Next Safe Visit Workplace
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Frequently asked questions about Adecco India Pvt Ltd

  1. What does ADECCO INDIA PVT LTD's do?
    working as customer support
  2. What is ADECCO INDIA PVT LTD's industry?
    Adecco india pvt ltd operates in Staffing and recruiting industry.
  3. What is ADECCO INDIA PVT LTD's HQ phone number?
    Adecco india pvt ltd's HQ Phone number is +91 80 6840 7000
  4. What is ADECCO INDIA PVT LTD's revenue?
    Adecco india pvt ltd's revenue is 501m - 1b
  5. What is ADECCO INDIA PVT LTD's company size?
    Adecco india pvt ltd's has 10000+ people working.
  6. What is ADECCO INDIA PVT LTD's official website? is official website of Adecco india pvt ltd.