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  • Revenue 1B+
  • Size 10000+
  • HQ Contact +90 322 323 01 11
  • Website

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People working in Adana Demirspor Kulubu

Pierpaolo Polino
Head Fitness Coach *********@*************** ********9185
Erdogan Kaynak
Head Of Match Analysis... *******@*************** ********0320
Emre Orman
HR Team Leader ****@*************** ********6221
Gokhan Gokturk
Sportif Direktor ******@*************** ********2308
Muhammed Turkmen
Sporting Director ****************@*************** ********6802
Ardit Ardit
Sales Specialist *****@*************** ********5927
Murat Og
Deputy General Manager *****@*************** ********0013
Batuhan Tokdemir
Media Manager *******@*************** ********6077
Cagr Selcuk
Software Engineer ****@*************** ********4356
Khaled Kharroubi
Rhone Alpes Fransa Professional... ******@*************** ********6863
Adana Adana
serbest ***********@*************** ********6195
Mehmet Asatekin
forvet ***************@*************** ********2825
Marsandiz Crypto
Foreign Exchange Trader *********@*************** ********4766
Taylan Solgun
Personel Bilet Sorumlusu ******@*************** ********0461
Celal Demirci
Bilet Sorumlusu *****@*************** ********1117
Hasan Klc
Sports Coach *****@*************** ********7697
Murat Han
forvet *********@*************** ********5111
Eren Eren
Fabrika ****@*************** ********0328
Erhun Oztumer
Professional Football Player *****@*************** ********9210
Kadir Ozkul
Football Player ***********@*************** ********7440
Burak Er
futbolcu *****@*************** ********5678
Cumali Sabur
ascbas ************@*************** ********2871
Demirspor Haber
Spor *********@*************** ********2769
Fatih Turkan
Futbolcu *****@*************** ********1183
Enis Gulduren
Taraftar *************@*************** ********3928
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Products & Technologies used at Adana Demirspor Kulubu

Kaldi Alan
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Frequently asked questions about Adana Demirspor Kulubu

  1. What does ADANA DEMIRSPOR KULUBU's do?
    Adana Demirspor is a company based out of Turkey
  2. What is ADANA DEMIRSPOR KULUBU's industry?
    Adana demirspor kulubu operates in Sports industry.
  3. What is ADANA DEMIRSPOR KULUBU's HQ phone number?
    Adana demirspor kulubu's HQ Phone number is +90 322 323 01 11
  4. What is ADANA DEMIRSPOR KULUBU's revenue?
    Adana demirspor kulubu's revenue is 1b+
  5. What is ADANA DEMIRSPOR KULUBU's company size?
    Adana demirspor kulubu's has 10000+ people working.
  6. What is ADANA DEMIRSPOR KULUBU's official website? is official website of Adana demirspor kulubu.