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Information Technology and Services

  • Revenue 501M - 1B
  • Size 1001 - 5000
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People working in actvidad privada

Miriam Ayala
Dueno principal ************@**** ********0924
Roberto Bautista
Dueno principal ****************@**** ********6538
Lourdes Maria
Secretary *************@**** ********5154
Yo Mero
Dueno principal *******@**** ********6156
Yolanda Parroquin
directora *****************@**** ********6594
Jorge S
director *******@**** ********7166
Armando Marin
Director *************@**** ********3997
Led Gomez
director *********@**** ********8787
Krivs Salcedo
Director de ventas *************@**** ********2095
Maribel Vega
Director de proyecto ************@**** ********1401
Odalis Munoz
Director de servicios de... ************@**** ********4471
Teodulo Ramirez
director ***************@**** ********8342
Luis Alberto
director *************@**** ********4362
Edgar Delgado
Director Clinica Dental Delgado... *************@**** ********0738
Roxana Pedoto
directora *************@**** ********3350
Morrone Roque
Director *************@**** ********2599
Rafael Calderon
Director ***************@**** ********6122
Carlos Valdez
director *************@**** ********5670
Alfonso Santos
director **************@**** ********1254
Juan Perez
director **********@**** ********7254
Lucio Mayo
Director **********@**** ********0587
Elsa Velazquez
Directora Academica **************@**** ********2984
Diana Cruz
Director de asesoria juridica... **********@**** ********1090
Juan Jose
director *********@**** ********1689
Rafael C
Director ********@**** ********0029
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Products & Technologies used at actvidad privada

Products used at ACTVIDAD PRIVADA
Sap Canvas Github Jquery Links Max Skype Sps Tumblr Woocommerce Wordpress
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  • vcita

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Frequently asked questions about actvidad privada

  1. What does ACTVIDAD PRIVADA's do?
  2. What is ACTVIDAD PRIVADA's industry?
    Actvidad privada operates in Information technology and services industry.
  3. What is ACTVIDAD PRIVADA's revenue?
    Actvidad privada's revenue is 501m - 1b
  4. What is ACTVIDAD PRIVADA's company size?
    Actvidad privada's has 1001 - 5000 people working.
  5. What is ACTVIDAD PRIVADA's official website? is official website of Actvidad privada.