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Marketing and Advertising

  • Revenue 501M - 1B
  • Size 1001 - 5000
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People working in Acosta Europe

Eleanor Armstrong
Head of Shopsmart Business... *****************@*********** ********6767
Ian Forshew
Group Commercial Director ***********@*********** ********0744
Shabena Fitzsimons
Group People Operations Director... ******************@*********** ********7180
Elaine Campbell
Account Director ***************@*********** ********1150
Justine Maxwell
Group Finance Director ***************@*********** ********7928
Mark Ackland
Business Unit Director ************@*********** ********6967
Sharlie Smart
Regional Sales Manager Red... *************@*********** ********0318
Steve Schwartz
Territory Sales Manager **************@*********** ********9644
Anna Bracken
Regional Field Manager ************@*********** ********7558
Malcolm Cullen
Field Development Manager **************@*********** ********2875
Felipe Kassolis
Insights Manager ***************@*********** ********9745
Josh Nunn
Regional Field Manager *********@*********** ********6108
Dhruv Parmar
Regional Sales Manager ************@*********** ********3010
Tig Clasper
Regional Sales Manager ***********@*********** ********7384
Carl Goodwin
Customer and Marketing Manager... ************@*********** ********7438
Tilly Besant
Regional Field Manager British... ************@*********** ********6959
Emily Betts
Regional Sales Manager Red... ***********@*********** ********4343
Kate Lucey
Account Manager Dr Oetker... **********@*********** ********8439
Ade Aj
Regional Field Manager Nestle... ***********@*********** ********6543
Maria Bravo
Manager Business Intelligence Customer... **************@*********** ********3428
Suraj Varma
National Field Manager Beiersdorf... ***********@*********** ********3026
Miranda Smith
Regional Field Manager *************@*********** ********0341
Mohammed Kashim
Regional Field Manager ***************@*********** ********6712
Nick Henton
Sales Manager ***********@*********** ********6035
Rob Snitch
Regional Sales Manager **********@*********** ********8053
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Products & Technologies used at Acosta Europe

Technology Stack used at ACOSTA EUROPE
Dns Disaster Compliance Client server Networking Exchange Troubleshooting Iscsi Infrastructure Database Active directory Saml Disaster recovery Security Directory Server Vpn Windows Sso Scheduling
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Products used at ACOSTA EUROPE
Github Origin Vmware Office 365 Access Excel Word Microsoft word Outlook Visit Director Microsoft excel Powerpoint Captivate Next Cms Pages Root Jquery Flash player
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    Apple iCloud Mail is a webmail service provided by Apple, Inc.

  • OneTrust

    OneTrust is a cloud-based data privacy management compliance platform.

    Cookie compliance
  • GoDaddy

    GoDaddy is used as a web host and domain registrar.


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Frequently asked questions about Acosta Europe

  1. What does ACOSTA EUROPE's do?
    Your partners in retail strategy and execution
  2. What is ACOSTA EUROPE's industry?
    Acosta europe operates in Marketing and advertising industry.
  3. What is ACOSTA EUROPE's revenue?
    Acosta europe's revenue is 501m - 1b
  4. What is ACOSTA EUROPE's company size?
    Acosta europe's has 1001 - 5000 people working.
  5. What is ACOSTA EUROPE's official website? is official website of Acosta europe.