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30Shine JSC

Consumer Services

  • Revenue 501M - 1B
  • Size 1001 - 5000
  • HQ Contact +84 1800 282830
  • Website 30shine.com

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People working in 30Shine JSC

Quan Ngo
Head Of Operations ********@*****ne.com ********7725
Ngo Quan
Head Of Operations ********@*****ne.com ********3108
Dung Ang
Sales And Marketing Specialist... ********@*****ne.com ********9963
Duy Tung
Store Manager ******@*****ne.com ********0770
Mai Chu
Customer Relationship Management Specialist... *******@*****ne.com ********5424
Duong Hao
Salon Manager *********@*****ne.com ********5845
Hung Nguyen
Store Manager ***********@*****ne.com ********6488
Hoang Tran
Training And Development Officer... **********@*****ne.com ********4134
Linh Pham
Store Manager *********@*****ne.com ********3880
Hoang Phuong
Marketing Specialist ************@*****ne.com ********9169
An Hoang
Salon Manager ********@*****ne.com ********1663
Phuong Loan
Marketing Content Specialist ***********@*****ne.com ********9390
Do Quy
Digital Marketing Specialist ******@*****ne.com ********1301
Vu Duong
Marketing Specialist ********@*****ne.com ********9239
Hyh Dp
Office Manager ******@*****ne.com ********4658
Quoc Le
Growth Manager *******@*****ne.com ********7866
Hoai Tran
Marketing Specialist *********@*****ne.com ********0645
Thaomy Le
Brand Manager *********@*****ne.com ********5607
Giang Trinh
Manager ***********@*****ne.com ********2083
Phuoc Sang
Marketing Specialist **********@*****ne.com ********2471
Du Cong
Manager *******@*****ne.com ********9616
Ha Tran
Operations Officer *******@*****ne.com ********7295
Anh Nguyen
Marketing Specialist **********@*****ne.com ********2639
Pham Thi
Human Resources Manager **********@*****ne.com ********8979
Giang Nguyen
Senior Software Developer ************@*****ne.com ********4056
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Products & Technologies used at 30Shine JSC

Products used at 30SHINE JSC
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Frequently asked questions about 30Shine JSC

  1. What does 30SHINE JSC's do?
  2. What is 30SHINE JSC's industry?
    30shine jsc operates in Consumer services industry.
  3. What is 30SHINE JSC's HQ phone number?
    30shine jsc's HQ Phone number is +84 1800 282830
  4. What is 30SHINE JSC's revenue?
    30shine jsc's revenue is 501m - 1b
  5. What is 30SHINE JSC's company size?
    30shine jsc's has 1001 - 5000 people working.
  6. What is 30SHINE JSC's official website?
    www.30shine.com is official website of 30shine jsc.