How to Use the Most Powerful Sales Prospecting Platform for Lead Generation

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May 02 2022


Since the advent of cutting-edge technology, specifically Artificial Intelligence, we have seen companies switching to modern routes to generate qualified leads for their businesses. Still, a lot of businesses work with legacy, disconnected tools that fail to give them the insights they need for better prospecting. has come up with a revolutionary platform driven by sales intelligence to manage and improve communication with leads, prospects, and partners. If you are someone responsible for business development and sales, here’s how you can use Clodura to your benefit:

Get Highly Sanitized B2B Data:

Clodura has the biggest and cleanest databases in the market, comprising 200 million verified contacts and data of 15 million companies and promises accuracy of up to 95%. This helps your company’s sales heroes deliver their tasks with utmost precision. It also helps businesses in identifying their TAM thanks to its AI-powered recommendation engine to broaden the sales outreach of businesses.

Reach Out Directly to Decision-Makers:

Skip the grunt work of speaking to gatekeepers and operators by getting access to key decision-makers with The platform has 90 million successfully-verified direct-dial phone numbers which get updated regularly, so you can be sure you are making the right calls.

Convert Effectively Through Actionable Sales Intelligence By using Clodura’s advanced filters, you can get hyper-targeted company & contact lists, enabling you to zoom into your Total Addressable Market. You can enter your choice of search parameters and also get an AI-recommended list of accounts that are best suited for your prospecting. By spotting low-hanging fruits, you can approach your prospects with confidence. Clodura helps eliminate the time spent on researching accounts and before contacting them. It provides 25 buying signal alerts on a real-time basis and thus helps in converting low-hanging sales opportunities seamlessly.

Automate Email Sequences:

Instead of manually reaching out to each prospect, Clodura, with its proprietary platform Cadence, allows you to automate email sequences for consistent outreach and follow-ups. Not just that, the platform also gives you insight into the open-rate and response rate of emails, so you can know what’s working and what’s not. By consistently evaluating which email marketing campaign produced the best results, you can build an effective outreach strategy that works for your business. The platform also allows you to save the best sales emails as templates for future reuse. Given that it integrates with all popular email apps such as Gmail and Microsoft Outlook, seamlessly, this might be the perfect tool for those searching for an all-in-one lead-gen solution.

Catering to Customized Needs:

Clodura helps companies by providing customized contact lists curated based on clients’ requirements within a timeframe of 48 hours. This helps businesses in successfully reaching out to those prospects who will likely drive the revenue for them. The platform’s research and verification team constantly test the machine learning algorithms to maintain superior data accuracy and provide businesses with the most suitable sales prospects.

Understanding the Customer:

Get a deeper understanding of your customer by truly understanding their current patterns and pain points. With features like intent search, tech stack reports and more, you get to tailor your pitch as per the requirement of your prospect. When you have all the research you need at your fingertips, you are able to build relevant pitches leading to deeper customer engagement. By building your sales strategy around research-driven insights, you can establish a meaningful dialogue with your potential clients.

Finding the ideal customer who rushes to buy your product or service can be tough. A platform like Clodura could make the herculean task of sales prospecting a little easier by equipping you and your sales teams with features and tools designed to solve modern-day lead generation problems. Clodura offers free, starter, and enterprise plans for different user needs and team sizes. Explore Clodura’s pricing options here.