4 Crucial Reasons to Use an AI Lead Generation Software

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May 02 2022


Lead generation has long been a critical component for businesses. When implemented successfully, lead generation strategies create solid relationships with qualified clients who are eager to invest in your business for a long time. With the advent of AI, this task is becoming easier than ever before, allowing businesses to reap benefits that weren’t possible earlier.

Accurate lead segmentation

Accurate lead segmentation is a prerequisite for the success of any lead generation effort. Businesses typically try to segment their audience basis their behaviors, interactions, or demographics. However, with artificial intelligence, you can segment your buyers in a way that allows you to create highly customized marketing campaigns that leverage recurring behavior, giving you a higher chance of conversions.

For example, you can utilize AI to design a lead generation marketing campaign for a specific demographic, such as single men in their 50s who are war veterans that own a cat.

Segmentation may also be done depending on the content that your prospects saw or the links they visited on your site to provide them with more relevant information and keep them engaged.

Aids in nurturing relationships

Customer relationship management is an imperative activity for marketers both before and after the sale. A successful CRM strategy can consume a lot of time, effort, and resources. However, AI software solutions have enabled two-way interactions without the use of real humans. Customers' responses are analyzed to discover their objectives, and new responses from the company’s end are created to keep the conversation going and keep customers engaged.

When such chatbots are implemented across all customer-facing channels, generic FAQs are automatically addressed. This means that businesses can push more sales-oriented material on their website and other landing pages.

Helps reduce website bounce rate

Marketers can tailor their content to meet individual demands by personalizing and contextualizing it through tools such as Natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning. Such tools also enable businesses to analyze customer information such as purchase history and browsing behavior. This not only provides marketers with intuitive insights into their consumers' wants but also eliminates the need for salespeople to contact them: customers buy when they're ready, not when a marketer persuades them.

This increases online engagement making customers stay on your website longer. As a result, the website bounce rate decreases. AI can also help point out problem areas in the website that negatively affect the bounce rate so they can be addressed quickly without losing out on potential sales.

Keeps your data clean

Incorrect data is why 80% of firms create poor ROI, prompting them to abandon personalization attempts by 2025. Luckily, the emergence of AI has given companies the ability to sanitize their data in minutes. Machine learning tools today can create automated processes with better precision than would otherwise be achievable. It allows you to use massive data sets to your advantage. Based on how effectively the process functions with other obtained data, it can provide estimations or learn about new things. This is essential for segmentation, lead scoring, and content creation. If your data is inaccurate, missing, or out of date, it will jeopardize all of your marketing objectives. Any data that isn't accurate is removed from the start by AI. With AI in place, bad data will no longer be a concern.

Clodura.ai is a unified and integrated sales data platform that offers you all these benefits and more while also helping you free up human resources. As a consequence, your sales and marketing teams will be able to focus on bringing value to the company, meeting more prospects, and completing more agreements. The AI technologies provided by Clodura, in particular, can skyrocket your lead generation efforts. These solutions can help lock in on leads who are engaged, interested, and hooked to your brand, all while saving on human resources. Today, AI lies at the intersection of your lead-generation goals and your lead. Are you equipped to take advantage?