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Nov 02 2021


Any company's development, especially in the sales and marketing sector, relies on its employees' ability to be engaged and motivated. Those days of everyone on the team being annoyed by cold calling and dialing the wrong numbers the vast majority of the time are long gone. When you use the most recent internet marketing solutions available on the market, you can be guaranteed of receiving only verified and trustworthy information, enabling you to save precious time. According to our research, Clodura.AI is the most effective alternative, which we will review in more depth later in this article. These are the two businesses that we will be comparing today: Clodura.AI and See why Clodura.AI is the most efficient option by continuing to read this article!

Why Clodura.AI?

Clodura.AI is the most effective alternative to traditional methods of identifying strong prospects and producing leads via web-based apps that, among other things, locate the emails and phone numbers of businesses and the people who work for those firms. Thousands of small and medium-sized businesses depend on the software to run their operations smoothly.

In contrast to, where consumers have complained that the company's contact information is out of current or inaccurate. Clodura finds data in real-time, which avoids the risk of the data becoming stale or worthless over time as a result of the discovery. It also makes it simple to move data across major cloud-based apps like Salesforce, Zapier, HubSpot, Pipedrive, and others with a single click. Clodura’s automated lead generation software can be integrated seamlessly with your sales and marketing technology stack.

The Clodura.AI platform outperforms the Seamless.AI platform in terms of performance. How, learn more about the difference between Seamless.AI and Clodura.AI and know-how unique Clodura is. And see how Clodura.AI is the best alternative for your sales and marketing needs.



Find Corporate EmailsYesYes
Geography LimitationNoNo
Direct DialsLimited55M
Linkedin and Website IntegrationYesYes


Find Companies that need your ServicesNoYes
Sales Signals TrackingNoYes
Search ISVsNoYes
Search by TechnographicsNoYes
Search by FundingNoYes
BANT validated leadsNoYes


Integrated Email OutreachNoYes
Workflow ManagementNoYes
Calling IntegrationNoComing Soon
Anti-SPAM DeliveryNoYes

1) Geographical area: The use of Clodura is not restricted to any particular geographical area. In the case of, there are certain limitations. A recent client complained that they were missing a large number of counties from their search criteria, which they considered to be very restrictive. In addition, requires a 60-day notice before canceling services, while Clodura does not need such a warning.

2) Contacts- You have an unlimited amount of contacts with Clodura, which is a good thing. Yes, that is correct; there is no limit. You will not be able to do this using Clients may find it irritating when they are limited in the number of contacts they may make each day. does not always provide up-to-date information; consumers have reported that the data was six months out of date in some instances.

With Clodura, you can search for jobs based on where they are recruiting, which is a feature that is not available on at this time.

Clodura simplifies the process of launching email campaigns.

Clodura may be used to keep track of how many people are attending your gathering.

The number one feature of Clodura is the suggestions made by the business. On, this is not a feature that can be utilized.


Despite the fact that provides a wide range of services and capabilities, Clodura provides the same capability at a much cheaper cost. It just takes a few seconds to finish the lead generation process. Given that buying a B2B sales intelligence tool is a one-time investment, Clodura will always be the most cost-effective choice for those seeking an affordable solution in this sector. It is possible to meet the needs of any organization with Clodura, which is the best alternative since it can handle companies of all kinds – from small and medium-sized to large and multinational.