How Is Clodura Better than Other B2B Contact Data Tools?

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Oct 26 2016


The sale is a cumbersome process for all organizations and without the sales function, there is no business that exists in a company at all. The sales process becomes a difficult one due to its long cycle and time consumption. For example, the large bulk of the time of a sales manager is consumed in identifying an opportunity and its decision maker in the company, understanding their requirements, creating a customized pitch for them, following-up and further closure. Moreover, in many cases, the sales pitch or process may fail due to various reasons which result in sales managers losing precious time they spend on acquiring the prospect.

As per our research, the following are the top reasons why a business is lost from a prospective customer.

  1. Identification of opportunity: In such a hyper-competitive environment keeping apace with customers’ requirements becomes challenging for a sales team. How many times has one discovered that there was a business opportunity that exists with a client? In fact post it has been awarded to a competitor, sales managers discover that they could have provided the solution to the customer which was much better and economical, however, due to the lack of information the pitch was never made.
  2. Pitching to a non-decision maker & tracking the decision maker: Quite a long time is invested by sales teams in identifying and pitching to the ‘right’ decision maker. Since many organizations have a long hierarchical system, the process of who is the final decision maker becomes challenging. Quite later in due course of time, the sales team members discover that they were talking to the wrong individual and have lost a lot of precious time. In cases where the sales team has successfully identified the decision maker, tracking them and their requirements become a challenge for the sales team.
  3. Making the right pitch: If the above to challenges are addressed by a sales team member the other one that they encounter is making a pitch that will ensure the successful conversion of a business deal. Lack of information on what customers want is a common reason for such failure. Also often the sales team focuses more on features they provide to a customer than the value propositions and fail to address the benefit that customers will receive by doing business with the seller.
  4. Non-usage of available CRM data: This is another classic reason of sales failure. Nowadays the sales team faces the challenge of managing information overload. Various potential leads, references and data points which are used to identify and approach prospective customers. However, how does one use all this data? Which data is relevant and will produce desirable results for a business? These questions are left unanswered while sales teams keep continuing to gather data anticipating that it will be relevant.

Clodura addresses the above-mentioned problems in a systematic and simplified manner. It is an intelligent sales assistance providing faster and successful results with quality customer inputs and customized templates to pitch them. Clodura is a hybrid human intelligence engine that provides usable data above the sales teams existing database which leads to successfully converting prospects to customers.

We understand that quite a few companies make some of the above claims and promises but have failed to live up to those expectations. And that’s precisely where Clodura is different. Clodura has created a set of unique proprietary tools that empower sales function to achieve more. The following points display the difference between existing systems and offerings and Clodura.

  1. Usage of Live Databases: Clodura is based on a unique proprietary algorithm that suggests detailed prospective customer leads. It identifies prospects requirements and pain points and translates them as opportunities for sales teams.
  2. Directly Find Opportunities in Companies: The data is derived from machine learning information about prospects which helps sales teams to identify, understand and successfully deliver customer requirements. With Clodura sales team can identify prospects that they didn’t even know existed. This is way better than the age-old lead scoring method used by other companies.
  3. Over 60 Data Sources: At Clodura, the sales team is equipped with actionable intelligence from over 60 data sources. Often it becomes challenging to identify the value proposition and customize pitch as per clients’ requirements. However, Clodura addressed this challenge with a unique feature. The system identifies relevant opportunities and leads, identifies the decision makers in the client’s company and provides customized email drafts on pitching business to them. Such customized emails help to make the pitch relevant to the client that results in successful customer connect. Clodura, unlike other businesses that use only one CRM source, becomes a complete hand holding for sales teams.
  4. Unlimited updated Database: Clodura specializes in providing free unlimited contact details. However, at the same time, they are real-time inputs and updates. It provides tracks prospects and issues live information which makes it simpler for the sales teams to conduct their business. Clodura does not merely only updates client information. It provides valuable inputs on customer’s online search patterns, information and solutions they are seeking. All such inputs work as relevant ammunition for the sales team to convert a prospect into a client. And all of this can simply be done by the click of a button on Clodura’s platform.
  5. Event Planning like Never Before: Clodura at the same time in the virtual and information age believes in the human-to-human sales approach which leads to desirable results in business. Clodura’s system tracks social media updates and other virtual information which informs the sales team everything about the prospect that is there to know. It provides data like specific events that prospects are attending, along with information regarding what to talk to them in your short meeting which can lead to better identification of the business. With Clodura one can also create groups with live data for continuous monitoring and receiving relevant inputs. None of our competitors provide this facility.

Compared to Clodura, the best competitors in this category only provide lead scoring and paid contact details overlooking the relevance part of the data to the customer. Clodura is not just another player in the sales leads the category defining the category definition completely.

Companies try hard to create a competitive advantage and differentiation in today’s competitive world. Not knowingly they create features and processes that their customers do not care about and that is precisely what we want to change at Clodura. We wish to deliver things that matter and make a difference to our customers, the sales team so that we can simplify their job and ensure they are able to overachieve their results and sales targets.