6 Strategies To Get Past The Gatekeeper

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May 26 2022


Gatekeepers are known to get in the way of your sales pitch and thwart your company’s representative. They come in every designation but most often are at the forefront of an organization’s communications system, namely the receptionist or operator. However, this needn’t be the reason why your sales representative fails. Today, we’re going to share six ways in which your sales representative can get past the gatekeeper effectively without any hassle. The key is to use these strategies and formulate a pathway that is unique to each approach. Without any delay, let’s get right into it.

Being respectful goes a long way:

The gatekeeper you need to get past is above everything, an overworked human being. The reason why they turn away so many calls is that they probably have to answer hundreds of them all day. So when you ring them up, use their name and be courteous. Stick to the necessary details and don’t waste their time. However, ensure that you treat them with respect and not just a door you need to knock on. This simple strategy will get a sales representative past the majority of gatekeepers.

Use the questionnaire approach:

Research shows that people are more likely to like you if you ask them for a small favor. This approach can be strategically used while trying to get past a gatekeeper. When you don’t know how to get past them, simply ask them to point you in the right direction. This will be a more fruitful conversation than receiving an outright rejection. The primary error a sales representative of a company makes is getting straight to the point- this is an anticipated move and is hence not a great conversation starter. Instead, ask them how they are, how the day is treating them, and then jump in with the favor. It could be something as simple as, “Hey Kate, I’m calling regarding our new Sales-tech integrations, could you help me connect to the right department? Do you know who manages the vertical?”

Get creative with your entry points:

The receptionist and helpdesk needn’t be the only points of entry for a sales executive. There are several other departments that can act as multiple points of entry to get in touch with the right person. You could create a database of the various departments like Sales, HR, Marketing, Production, Quality Assurance,  R&D, and production to get to the right decision-maker. If you don’t have an existing database, you could use the help of Clodura’s lead generation solutions to provide a pathway that helps speed up the process.

Do  away with a script:

If you look at the advertisements that represent the most cliche sales associate call seeking leads, you’ll know how well script fares. The problem with your sales rep using a script to get access to a lead is that it does not take into consideration the state of the recipient. With just a few reroutes and pivots in the pre-planned dialogue, there remains no room for empathy or improvisation. Instead, encouraging the said executive to go outside the box and strike a real conversation is a job half done.

Use the power of networking:

If you’re waiting to cash in on your networking powers, this is the moment. Calling in contacts to bypass the gatekeeper will give you direct access to a contact, or at least put you in touch with someone who could be of help. Having good connections in every industry is handy in situations like these because getting a reference can take you farther than trying to approach a stonewaller.

Try skipping the gatekeeper altogether:

If one could skip the gatekeeper and reach the person of interest, what would the solution be? If you’re still struggling to get in touch with the person of concern, it’s time to take a different approach. Clodura has a huge database of direct dial contacts, most of whom belong to positions of key decision-makers in organizations. Having your sales representatives receive a direct-dial number will ensure that they don’t have to struggle with a gatekeeper anymore, and instead simply reach out with the virtual number. Not only does this reduce the time and effort wasted, but also improves your probability of cracking the pitch confidently.

Wrapping Up: Clodura Knows No Gatekeepers

The term gatekeeper won’t exist in your dictionary if you have the right solution to help your sales team get in touch with any person of interest they wish. Clodura is a renowned organization due to its extensive service verticals in the field of sales, lead generation, direct dial integrations, and much more. With Clodura by your side, skip the long queue and directly connect with decision-makers who matter to your business.