How to Leverage Lead Generation Tools to Automate Your Sales

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Feb 06 2017


When it comes to a sales lead, what do you value the most - quality or quantity? If your affirmation goes with the latter then you can count yourself among the majority of the managers who share the same belief.

It is not hard to understand why most companies focus on numbers rather than the results. After all, their main motive is to increase profits, which is the whole point of running a business. However, making this choice often results in nurturing a large number of unqualified leads who don’t buy.

When the lead conversion rate drops significantly in a company, the following series of events take place - the manager calls the sales and marketing teams in the meeting room and demands answers. The marketing blames sales for not closing the provided leads, and the sales blame marketing for passing unqualified leads in the first place. Unfortunately, they are both wrong.

The real reason why a lot of companies are struggling to maintain a decent conversion rate is that they just don’t have the right technology to differentiate high quality leads from the poor. Most of them are still relying on cold campaigns that are no longer efficient. However, this problem can be overcome by new-age marketing and sales automation tools.

Here are some of the tools that you can start using today and give a whole new meaning to your marketing efforts:

Automated Lead Generation Tool

Automated lead generation tools make marketing a lot easier. Plus, they also allow you to comb leads on the Internet 24/7.

Even the best marketing teams in the world can deliver results only during their work hours. However, an automated lead generation tool will continue to work even when you are at home, sleeping. This alone increases the average lead generation rate greatly.

For instance, a digital footprint tracker (an integral module of the complete platform) keeps tabs on key people in the relevant industry and records insights obtained in a separate database. Thus, not only you get access to increased leads, but also the latest information associated with them.

Clodura is an intelligent sales assistant. In other words, it can do a lot more than most traditional lead generation tools out there which have a major drawback of being artificial or mechanical. Not only Clodura generates the leads for you, but it also filters them according to their “hotness”.

How Sales Automation helps in business growth

Generating leads has never been a problem. In fact, there are many sources that provide them to you directly at the right price. However, you will be lucky to get even 50% of these converted. The reason? Quality.

Businesses don’t struggle with lead generation, but a rather quality lead generation. However, human mental capacity is limited by time and problem-solving abilities. This is where an intelligent automated system like Clodura comes in. It collects information through 100 different data points, follows social media activities of relevant prospects, and uses a proprietary complex algorithm to identify quality leads for your business. These are the leads which are actually interested in your products, and thus highly likely to buy.

Tracking Customers Social Activities

Digital technology and the Internet have opened a variety of different avenues for lead generation. You have social media, emails, instant messages, a news feed, and many other platforms like these. A sales assistant like Clodura can tap into all these areas with far greater efficiency and accuracy than any human can.

Sales assistant Clodura tracks key prospects on almost every platform they are active on and learns about their behavior that will eventually give your sales reps the upper hand. For instance, it extracts valid contact details (email addresses, contact numbers, etc.), stores them in a file, and updates the same period if there are any changes. It also analyzes their call history for a pattern to suggest the best timings for contacting them. This way when the time comes to follow up with a prospect, you don’t have to waste time in finding the correct contact information yourself or prevent your call from being sent to voice mail.

Clodura also has many other nifty features such as leads grouping, with which you can put all the quality leads into different groups based on their line of work, recent acquisitions, key people involved, etc. You can then track their activities through live data that is provided by the software.

Lead Generation through Email Automation

Email automation is one of the popular lead generation tools deployed by businesses, mainly because of the remarkable ROI it offers. For every $1 spent you can easily get an average of $40 ROI.

Here are some of the features that can easily enjoy a typical email automation tool:

  • Schedule Multiple Emails: You can schedule your newsletters and other kinds of marketing emails in different batches. This way you can reach hundreds of leads with minimum efforts.
  • Write Personalized Emails: You don’t have to work on finding personalized topics for every individual prospect. The automated system will suggest a few topics itself.
  • Delivery Time Customization: When your clients/leads are based in different geographic locations then sending them the emails at the same time may not be the best approach. However, with email automation, you can schedule the emails according to different time zones.
  • Prevent Being “Spammed”: Your emails go directly to the inbox rather than the junk folder, or the spam folder.

Unlike other automation tools, email automation is quite simple and easy to understand, which is why it is being used by almost every competitive business today.

Things to Consider When Investing in an Automation Suite

There are many marketing and sales automation tools available today. So, how do you pick one? The following are some of the things that you can consider when making a decision:

  • CRM Integration: CRM is an integral component of every lead generation system, which is why the automation platform must be able to work in sync with it. It is also important that it updates the database automatically to save time and prevent mistakes.
  • Volume and Quality of Leads: The automation suite should be able to create a high volume of quality leads that are scalable with your business.
  • Social Analytics: A great number of leads are found on social media portals. Thus, the sales and marketing automation tools should be able to make the most of these platforms.
  • Personalization: The problem with marketing automation is that the process itself could become artificial, which reflects when you contact your prospects. An ideal sales assistant should be able to incorporate a personal touch while giving you the advantage of automation.

Clodura is one of the few lead generation systems which checks off all the bullet points above. With it, you can spot and convert more leads, reduce your manual marketing efforts, and make your campaigns more streamlined and organized. Thus, there is no way it wouldn’t improve your business.