How to get decision-makers on phone?

Let’s tell you how to get past the gatekeepers and get decision-makers on the phone faster and in an easier manner, through this guide.

Published on: May 23, 2022 |


While conducting B2B sales, you can’t just call a company, make a pitch to the receptionist, and get a new client just because the person answering the phone liked what you said. There are two types of people in businesses: gatekeepers and decision-makers (DMs). The ultimate goal of any lead generation campaign is to make direct contact with the decision-maker and deliver your pitch so that you can schedule an appointment or secure the lead for future communications and business opportunities.

Clodura is one such platform the can give you a contact database with 95% accuracy and direct access to decision-makers to make your sales journey less tedious.

Now let’s tell you how to get past the gatekeepers and get decision-makers on the phone faster and in an easier manner, through this guide.

Be Honest

We already know you have integrity, so why jeopardise it by messing up a sales call? The constant barrage of annoying and generic phone conversations has worn down gatekeepers. Don’t waste their time; they have a job to do. Communicate with them in a way that they will respect and appreciate. Give them the real reason you’re calling (in a sentence or two) and be as honest as possible if you want to get straight to the decision-maker. Are you attempting to persuade the decision-maker to purchase something? Explain what it is and why you believe it will benefit them. It really can be that straightforward.

Treat the gatekeeper as a resource, not an obstacle.

Once you have gotten in the good books of the gatekeeper it’s time to indulge in knowing more about the decision-maker.

Gatekeepers wield so much power because they know what the decision-maker’s daily routine is like — so make use of that. Take some time to ask how their day is going and get to know them if they aren’t in a hurry to get off the phone. It may seem obvious, but treating the gatekeeper as a human is a crucial strategy for reaching the top official. It’s also the right thing to do.

Know what titles to ask for

Doing your homework is critical. Make sure you know whom you need to speak with and then use it to your advantage.

Be ready to give the administrator a name or department to be transferred to. You should have a list of titles you want to contact and then narrow it down as your calling efforts progress.

Answer only questions asked

It is important to know that even with the knowledge you have gained, there still might be scope for scaling it up. So, listen!

When we’re under pressure, we’re more likely to hear what we think the client will say rather than what they actually said. Many sales executives create their own objections by answering questions they were never asked. Give only the information that is requested, and only respond to the questions that are asked. Don’t worry about repeating yourself, and remember that a closed question’s answer can be as simple as Yes or No!

Transmit seniority

Last but not the least, learn from your seniors. People in senior positions are admitted without being asked too many questions by the gatekeepers. It’s an unavoidable fact of life. Gatekeepers would be fired if they spoke rudely to senior staff, so they can’t afford to be rude to them. Seniors communicate their status by sounding senior. That’s all it takes to set them apart. Listen to your company’s directors, as well as directors on the phone. Model their speech in terms of speed, tone, pitch, pauses, and emphasis.

Pre-plan your approach

Despite the fact that dealing with gatekeepers is difficult for many salespeople, the majority of them fail to plan ahead of time. When you think about it, a gatekeeper can only give you a limited number of responses. As a result, the more you practise your approach, the more successful you will become. After you’ve finished, thank the PA for their time, hang up, and think to yourself, What have I learned from this, and how will I handle it differently next time? When you have an answer, write it down and run it through your mind a few times. That way, the next time you find yourself in a similar situation, you’ll be ready with a more adaptable approach.

In the end, sales is all about building relationships, so think of a conversation with a gatekeeper as another way to engage with someone. For the most part, if you’re polite, honest, confident, and knowledgeable about the company, you should be able to get past gatekeepers and to the decision-makers. If you need some extra assistance, Clodura can help you find all of the decision-makers from different industries and geographies in one place, using advanced search filters.

Divyaprasad Pande is Marketing Director of Clodura.AI He has more than 12 years of experience in marketing, having worked in various leadership roles for various companies. He is passionate about driving business growth and success through strategic marketing initiatives to increase brand awareness, generate leads, and support the sales team in achieving revenue goals. With a strong background in marketing and experience in the tech industry.

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