How Sales Automation Can Accelerate Your Revenue Engine

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May 19 2017


The world has been heading towards automation for a long time and no industry has been immune to the process. Prospects of the future, like self-driving cars, smart homes, and sales pipeline intelligence are already here. It is time we embraced this change.

The reason for the paradigm shift is simple. The economic benefits of automation in terms of ROI are far more than human dependent processes.

The same is the case when it comes to generating targeted leads for your business. And this is where Sales Pipeline Intelligence comes into the picture. Sales automation has the potential to be a powerful ally to your business by having a direct impact on your revenues.

But first, what is sales automation?

Sales automation is defined as integrated automation of sales tools to automate and optimize the sales cycles.

Let’s take a look at how sales automation can have a direct impact on your ROI and lead to increased revenues.

Effectiveness of Sales Automation

The most important aspect that makes sales automation the future of lead conversions is the sheer efficacy of the concept. Maybe this is the reason why there are nearly 11 times more B2B companies using some sort of automation in marketing today, as compared to in 2011.

Sales automation indeed helps you to make the most of each sales opportunity by identifying additional customers that might have been missing in your sales pipeline. Along with this, customized pitches are used to approach every customer. Thus, such targeted efforts result in a far greater conversion rate which otherwise would have seemed quite daunting to achieve.

Reduced Time and Efforts

Another important factor that adds up to the ROI of your sales efforts is the fact that the sales pipeline intelligence platform results in a much faster sales cycle. A lot of time is indeed wasted in pitching to prospects who do not have the authority to make the decision. Hence, Clodura directly connects you with the decision makers of the organizations. Along with this, it also finds your prospects that are relevant to your business and sales needs so as to give you an edge while converting.

Since repetitive tasks like identifying leads and accumulating their contact details are automated, managers can now have more time on their hands to focus on other avenues of the business.

Knowing Your Customers and Prioritizing Them

Along with the aforementioned services, Sales Intelligence provides you the opportunity to know all about your customers, ranging from BANT Analysis Report and social media activities to even the details of prospects attending various events.

A detailed report with various data points about potential customers helps you to prioritize your marketing efforts to target the most feasible leads first and move ahead accordingly. This gives you a better ROI on your marketing investments.

Personalized Emails

Gathering information about potential prospects is like sharpening the knife. The main motive is to put the knife to use or apply the information to close the client.

Sales pipeline Intelligence automatically generates personalized emails for the leads which in turn gives you a better conversion ratio and hence an improved ROI.

Company Insights for Informed Analysis

It provides dedicated reports about the target companies with details ranging from statistics like a number of company employees, revenues, their various budgets along with contact details of the key decision makers. Apart from this, Clodura also provides information regarding the number of funding rounds with the amount raised. Thus, with such an arsenal of knowledge at your fingertips, you can take an informed decision regarding which client to pursue.

Live Data about Prospects

While it is important to accumulate as much data as possible about the business prospects that you want to chase, it is also crucial to keep the data relevant by updating it periodically. Clodura does an utmost professional job at this by tracking your prospects in real time and providing you with live insights about the various data points. Thus, this makes sure that you are never underprepared while selling your products/services. This confirms a much better conversion rate.

Spotting Hot Companies from Cold Ones

It has been an accepted norm in the market to work on preparing a sales target list and directly start crossing off prospects one by one. Clodura takes this game to the next level by providing deep insights that help you differentiate between hot, warm and cold prospects. It does so by segregating companies into groups based on parameters like funding, job openings, companies that are trending in the news, etc. These groups are updated on a regular basis with the help of live data. Hence, this helps you to tell apart hot leads from the cold ones and concentrates your efforts to close companies that are worth chasing for.

How Clodura’s Sales Automation is Different from Marketing Automation

Since the goal of both activities - sales and marketing - is to get in more business for the company, it is often difficult to differentiate between the two.

Marketing is the process of spreading awareness about the products/services of your company among the customers on a mass scale. Therefore, marketing automation refers to the process of managing multiple marketing channels, streamlining marketing activities in these channels and then automating their workflows for greater operational efficiency in the department.

On the other hand, Sales refers to processes and strategies that are applied to convert customers through one-on-one communications, once they have been made aware of the company’s deliverables. The key here is personalization. Hence, sales automation is the process of executing a large number of such communications with minimal efforts. Sales communications, like personalized emails of Clodura, are automated and multiple prospects can be easily managed simultaneously.

Hence, implementing automation in sales is a must in today’s competitive market where each and every market player is looking to cut down on costs and target an improved ROI. Companies that fail to do so will surely be left behind in the race to capture the market against their competitors.