Benefits of Aligning Your Sales and Marketing Teams

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Oct 04 2017


Companies often struggle to reach out to their prospects and customers. A great product and excellent management make benefits of sales and marketing teams base for the success of a company, but what if it doesn’t reach the segment of the market, it should be reaching.

The core of this problem can be as simple as a communication gap between your sales and marketing team. Research shows that failure to align the sales and marketing department costs B2B companies 10% or more of the total revenue per year.

65% of sales representatives say that they are not able to find good content to send to the prospects. This is the most common problem quoted by different sales teams.

Sales and Marketing complement each other, and perfect alignment between these two teams is crucial for increasing the revenue of the company.

But too often, the members or groups of these teams do not understand the importance of this very fact and start functioning independently and loss collaboration.  Until and unless the sales and marketing teams are not working together in tandem, the results will not be as perfect as expected and there will be unqualified leads and frustrated prospects.

Here are the top benefits of aligning your sales and marketing teams.

Increased Efficiency of Email Campaigns

The marketing department can begin profiling the ideal prospects for email campaigns and finding what can be the best email message which works best with the prospects.

Plenty of data about the behavior of every lead can be collected. Thus when the sales team tells that the lead has turned into a really valuable customer, the marketing department can start their work again and analyze the data of the highly productive accounts to find out what they have in common.

Both the teams can thus visit the email content used to send in the campaigns and identify which key points have attracted the customers most.

The more information shared between the sales and the marketing teams; easier will it be to identify a potential lead and the more effective will be your marketing emails and campaigns with guaranteed better conversion rates.

Better Strategies for Company’s Growth Can Be Formulated

Sales and marketing teams generally have different strategies for operation. The marketing department constantly looks for finding new lead sources and design messages which attract the interests of more and more potential customers towards the company’s products/services.

On the other hand, the sales department adopts strategies that help them to turn leads into conversions.

The strategies differ in the sense that the marketing team takes a more experimental approach while the sales team is always concerned with the quality of leads, i.e. qualified leads and do not like experiments which marketing team does.

But if both teams really work in cooperation, the marketing team will understand what is the meaning of qualified sales as perceived by the sales department and sales team also will have a clear understanding of what the marketing team wants to achieve and how they are going about it.

Thus if both factions come in cooperation, they can align their interests with the overall development of better strategies for the company’s growth. Instead of conflict, they can create combined strategies together which helps the company to take a smooth march forward and upward.

The efforts and funds invested by the company on both of these departments would actually convert into the achievement of the company’s goals. This blog reveals the fact that the alignment of the sales and marketing department increases the revenue of the companies by 208%!

Benefits of Sales and Marketing Teams - the Pillars of an Organization,  have to Work in Collaboration for Better Growth

The importance of sales and marketing in any organization is apparent. Both departments are equally important for the company’s functioning and growth.

The sales department is the department, which generates revenue. Whether you have the best manufacturing operation and the best management team in your company, you need an effective sales team in your company to make the most of your manufacturing and management process. It benefits the Sales and Marketing team.

Similarly, marketing is another pillar for the company. The marketing efforts create favorable conditions on which the sales of the products or services of the company take place.

To get the most out of the selling efforts, the sales department needs to work in collaboration for the better growth of the company. The marketing team should support the sales team in the follow-up of contacts, account services, and mailing.

Also, the management needs to align sales and marketing teams to align together and help them collaborate in a more efficient way.

Sales Cycle is Shortened with Increasing Efficiency of Operations

The ultimate benefit of aligning sales and marketing teams leads to higher revenue of the company. When you know the messages, techniques, strategies and the leads helpful in generating more revenues, you can surely maximize the sales by knocking the right door!

The final result will obviously a pipeline becoming a well-oiled machine and shortening of the sales cycle and getting more time to close more and more deals.


Though the importance of aligning the sales and marketing team is obvious, most of the organizations fail when it comes to bringing the sales and marketing desks together. It is not an easy task but is quite possible if the upper management is fully set and determined to do so.

As already discussed, both the departments are the pillars of the company and the company’s growth is improved if both work together, sharing the information and making strategies together.

Companies lose a significant percentage of revenue due to the non-alignment of sales and marketing teams. So the job of bringing together both the teams needs to be done on a priority basis, in any organization.

It surely will clear the path for higher sales, higher revenues, better prospects and ultimate growth of the company.

It does not matter whether the company is big or a really small one, working together and sharing information is always beneficial for both the teams and for the company.

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