Technographic Segmentation of Over 15,000 Technologies 

Unveil the technology installation stack insight for your prospects and know exactly where your solution or product complements or replaces an outdated technology. Clodura maintains and tracks installbase data of over 15,000 technology products in various categories like CRM, Marketing Automation Platform, ERP, analytics, advertising, hosting, CMS, design, etc. 

The Result? 

Hyper-Targeted Prospecting, High-Quality Sales Conversations & Higher Sales Productivity

Tool Usage

Technographic Segmentation

Find the hardware & software a company uses and the decision-makers in those accounts. Segment your Total Addressable market based on technology usage, create custom sales pitch, and send them hyper-targeted campaigns.

Know Your Customers

With the best in class technographic, firmographic & intent data, Clodura lets you have a deeper understanding of your buyer’s persona. Know your customers, their technology stack, their requirements & pain-points even before reaching out to them. Craft meaningful conversations with the prospects instead of guessing and asking what technologies do they use.

Tool Usage
Tool Usage

Know Your Competitors

Go under the hood and gain competitive insight into your competitor’s technology stack. With Clodura’s technographic data, you can know the technologies used by your competitors & rank yourself better against them. Understand the products, technology spend & strategies that your competitor uses and re-assess your technology usage & spend to get ahead in the race.

The Go-to Sales Technology for Businesses of All Sizes

Clodura is now #1-ranked Leader, High Performer, and Most Loved in
Sales Intelligence, Lead Intelligence, and Sales Engagement Solution on G2.

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