Future of AI in Sales? Explained By Kapil Khangaonkar-Clodura.AI


Jan 01 1970

AI can transform B2B sales and marketing by predicting consumer behavior based on available consumer data and past actions. Using this information, B2B organizations can tailor their products or services to meet the changing needs of customers. 


Future of AI in Sales? : Video Script

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Artificial intelligence and sales actually have come as a great advantage to the sales guys, earlier what is to happen is basically if you're selling any offer, you will make a whole list of all the people who may or may not buy your solution but they are basically the right prospects for you.

you will start reaching out to them one by one you know, considering that every single person is equal you will knock on every single door hoping that somebody will open the door for you and you can get an entry into the house and that is a very long and tedious process.

What AI is now doing to this landscape is basically making the sales cycle very short so it's actually helping you understand which of these doors are more likely to close, who is more likely to buy your offerings, and who is more likely to have a conversation with you. if you have that intelligence we can use that intelligence to actually shorten our sales cycle and instead of reaching out to every single person, we can figure out how we can best spend our energy on prospects who are more likely to talk to us now just to put in simplest ways the earlier game was played, where you know let's say you are blindfolded and your customer is also blindfolded and you're left on the ground and you both have to Now find each other there was nowhere to find you know you may find each other in five minutes or you may never find each other at all.

 with AI what basically is now happening is it's like putting a caller Bell on the collar of your customer you know so you can hear the Bell you can see where he's coming from and you can immediately go and catch him so it's actually shortening that cell cycle tremendously uh the only problem is uh sales guys have to start using it that was not appreciating that there is something available out there which can reduce their efforts which can reduce the hard work of knocking on every single door even though you know that it's not going to open it so I think AI is absolutely necessary and it's shortening the sales cycle and making every sales guy equally effective it's not dependent upon a good sales guy anymore every sales guy can be equally effective using artificial intelligence and sales,  thank you.