Sales Intelligence: A Game-Changer for Your Business

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May 26 2022


This decade so far has seen a massive upsurge in the use and integration of supportive technologies. Based on the Internet of Things, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence, these emerging systems and integrations have rapidly become the backbone of organizations varying in scale. One such piece of art in the technological realm is the Sales Intelligence software, which is revolutionizing the way a sales team operates.

Moreover, the cost-to-benefit ratio is by far one of the most advantageous factors, apart from optimizing the sales team’s workflows. If you’re looking for reasons why sales intelligence may be the right solution for you to improve your lead conversions and revenue, this blog will showcase five reasons why you need to transition into this digital transformation journey.

Detects the Total Addressable Market (TAM)

An organization’s Total Addressable Market (TAM) refers to the total revenue that the B2B business can rake in.

While TAM is represented as a revenue amount, it can also be depressed as the number of businesses in the market that could be your customers. Sales Intelligence software helps a business in:

  • Defining budgets
  • Forecasting future growth avenues
  • Segmenting your audience into subgroups for targeted marketing

Knowing the businesses that fall into your TAM will help the sales team avoid wasting time on companies that don’t need or relate to your product.

The bottom-up method helps Sales Intelligence systems recognize your most accurate TAM by analyzing the existing client base while searching for trends. It then proceeds to use these trends and existing buyer personas to find new prospects that your sales associates can target.

Differentiated buying signals

How can your sales team determine which of their perspectives is a green light for your pitch? The process can be made infinitely easier if your organization uses a sales intelligence platform like Clodura to help identify the top buying signals. If your sales team knew when prospects from the TAM are ready to buy, it could mean quicker deals.

Sales intelligence solutions tell your sales exactly when it’s the right time to reach out. Sales intelligence monitors business websites and news to alert your team of any buying signals so they can pursue these prospects.

Glean insights in real-time with actionable data

Today, having an upper hand over competitors means requiring heaps of data. Too often, the sales team has a vast pool of information but cannot use it accurately to find actionable trends. Sales Intelligence can help mitigate this by not simply collecting data in real-time, but corroborating past trends to find a pattern and help your sales associates:

  • Become the first to approach and finalize a prospect
  • Gain insight into the prospect’s pain points to curate the perfect pitch
  • Reduce the amount of customer churn by finding signs that they’re looking for other options, and repairing the rift on time.

Work smarter with CRM integrations

Time is of the essence in sales, and any solution that helps your sales associates close deals before the stipulated time limit can help you benefit financially.

The leading sales intelligence integrations like Clodura can help save time and improve profitability by integrating with the existing CRM, so all the information you need is consolidated in one place. Say goodbye to issues like duplication and multiple or contrasting resources, because Sales Intelligence brings in greater levels of the organization. For instance, you don’t even need to switch screens to access the contact details of a prospect from your CRM while using Clodura.

Enrich your existing data

Every company has its resources and information on potential businesses it would like to reel in. However, how much of such data goes unused due to the siloed approach? Also, there always exists the challenge of storing outdated and inapplicable data, such as changing decision-makers. With an AI-powered Sales Intelligence solution, all your data remains up to date, filling the gaps in your existing CRM resources.

Wrapping it Up

Sales Intelligence can be the solution that changes the game for your team; all you have to do is find the right technology partner and lean into transforming your experience. With Clodura, generating leads, sales prospecting, accessing an extensive repository of data, and gaining real-time insights are as easy as the click of a button. Help your sales team work smarter by walking into the era of digital transformation.