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Aug 20 2021


Manage and improve your interactions with customers, prospects, and partners from the single sales intelligence software platform ’Clodura.AI'.Clodura.AI is a B2B sales intelligence software with a contact database and sales interaction tool that helps you locate decision-makers, schedule meetings, create a pipeline and earn more quickly. Clodura is used by winning sales teams worldwide to target their TAM and accelerate their revenue engine properly.

Recently, the powerful sales intelligence software Clodura.AI platform has been able to integrate with ‘Salesforce’’.

Since the turn of the millennium, Salesforce has been hailed as a robust platform that has revolutionized the commercial world. It has improved the sales operations of businesses and delivers innovative products and services to meet their customers’ needs as an effective CRM solution.

Organizations may now tap into enormous unknown resources and reach higher operational visibility by connecting Salesforce with the sales intelligence software Clodura.AI. This article will walk you through the integration process of Salesforce Integration with Clodura.AI.

What Can This Sales Intelligence Software do for your business?

This is the world’s most popular enterprise cloud platform, along with all the services you’ll need.

With an assortment of cloud-based capabilities, this sales intelligence software Clodura.AI takes sales force automation to new heights, giving your team the power to score more wins, enhance productivity, and maintain the pipeline full of excellent leads. There is no software.

Salesforce solutions range from call centre software to self-service communities, improve customer service by providing more responsive, intuitive, and adaptable help that anticipates client demands.

Give your consumers the help they deserve by providing faster, more intelligent service.

The Salesforce platform can also create tailored, cross-channel customer journeys that deliver excellent brand experiences across email, mobile, social, Web, and more to make the most of every customer engagement.

With the world’s most advanced digital marketing platform, you can create and manage 1:1 client journeys.

What are the steps in the Salesforce Integration process with the sales intelligence software Clodura.AI?

To make your Salesforce integration services more impactful, we use a Salesforce integration process to understand your business goals, build a full-proof plan, and train your team.

How Do You Get Your Salesforce Authorized?

1. To begin, join up for a Salesforce CRM account using this link:

2. In your Clodura account, click on approved first, then map your account, and then enable your salesforce account.

How to Integrate Salesforce with the sales intelligence software Clodura.AI?

1. Go to Settings-> CRM Integration and select Authorized to Sales Force from the drop-down menu (click on authorized button) (Login with your existing email id if you have a premium Salesforce account.)

2. You need to click on authorized first in the Clodura account, then mapping your account, then enable your salesforce account. Now you’re done with salesforce integration/

3. Select mapping, and the mapping will appear over

3a. Choose ‘Salesforce’ from the drop-down menu.

3b. Create a field map for your business.

4. The sections Company Field Mapping and Contact Field Mapping appear. The mandatory entries are Company Name, Name, and Email. (Note: No two fields should be the same.) Click Save.

5. Now it’s time to activate your salesforce account (Click on radio button to make it enable)

6. Follow these procedures to add the specified contacts/companies to your CRM database: Select the companies/contacts you want to add to your CRM and then click Add to CRM.

7. Now, you can view the owners’ list; choose an owner and click the OK button.

8. Finally, in your SalesForce account, you can now see all of your contacts.