About the Speaker


Our speaker for this hands-on training session is Kapil Khangaonkar, the CEO & Founder of Clodura.AI. Kapil has more than 17 years of experience in sales and marketing, having worked in various leadership roles for companies such as Calsoft, Xerces, Uniken, and BMC Software.

Kapil founded Clodura.AI to address the challenges he faced connecting with more customers and tapping into potential revenue opportunities. He saw teams using inefficient and time-consuming processes that wasted a lot of time and budget finding leads, identifying potential opportunities, doing sales research, and creating personalized outreach campaigns.

Together with his growing team, Kapil has developed an AI-powered sales data and engagement platform that does the major heavy-lifting to ensure sales professionals never miss any potential opportunities and generate more meetings. Kapil has helped countless businesses transform their sales strategies and achieve unprecedented success.

Join Kapil in this hands-on training session and learn from his extensive experience and knowledge in the sales and marketing field


Who Should Attend

This hands-on training session is ideal for:

  • Sales professionals who want to boost their sales pipeline's efficiency
  • Marketers who want to improve their lead generation strategies
  • Business owners who want to increase their ROI and sales
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    Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn from Kapil Khangaonkar, CEO & Founder of Clodura.AI and discover how Clodura.AI can help you Master Lead Generation.