How to Generate leads in sales? Answered by Kapil Khangaonkar-Clodura.AI


Jan 01 1970

To be precise, it is the process of attracting visitors and converting them into potential customers. Acquiring leads is one of the important objectives for any business. Usually, businesses dedicate large resources to lead generation. Attract prospects to a brand's digital channels is tough. There are a number of moving parts in the entire task, and a variety of ways to get the job done. However, while most people exhaust the conventional methods for b2b lead generation, such as newsletters and email marketing, there are some powerful tools that are often overlooked.


How to Generate leads in sales? : Video Script

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What is lead generation? It's actually very, very exciting. Lead Generation basically is just the art of setting up meetings, right? Why I say art because about 1015 years ago everything was dependent on how good a salesperson is and how he brings his own skills to play to set up more meetings.

So, it was very very dependent upon individual salespersons in succeeding whether he can set up more meetings or not. Today, of course, things have changed a lot. A lot of this art has actually turned into a science. A lot of methods are now available for you to use and do better prospecting, figure out more people who can actually come on a call and talk to you about the requirements, and so on.

There are typically five avenues you have in Lead Generation. One is emailing, the other is calling. The third is LinkedIn prospecting which is very popular. Fourth is of course events. And fifth is face-to-face meetings. In today's situation, of course, events may not be possible. So, you typically have three avenues from this emailing call and LinkedIn. When you're doing Lead Generation, the most important thing is to see what is the cost attached to each one of these activities. Cost is not in terms of money but costs in terms of how much time you're spending and actually doing these activities. So, when you're looking at doing email, it is the cheapest activity because let's say you want to reach out to 1000 people. You can send out a 1000-people email campaign very easily today. But of course, you cannot make 1000 phone calls to those people because that takes a lot of time.

So, the first step of your lead generation has to be emailed. Whichever contact your stock listing out of those out of the contact that you send email to will come into calling and the ones you have already called will then get into LinkedIn. Because LinkedIn is the costliest method of approach because you can typically send about 1520LinkedIn requests to those people or about 2025 emails in a month. So, you have a very, very small quantity available to reach out to using LinkedIn.

So, Led gen basically is an extremely process-driven method. It is not a spray and prays campaign anymore, which used to be earlier, where you are sending it to everyone. I hope that somebody responds to you. It's an extremely methodical process. When you actually follow the process, you can get a lot of success out of it. So, Legion basically has evolved in that way a lot.