Never question your next move

Clodura makes it easy to stay ahead of the sales curve. Target, prioritize and make confident predictions with constantly-updated contact lists and a comprehensive suite of tools.


Zero in on target buyers

Contact data decays at a rate of 2.5% per month, hampering your sender score and domain reputation. That doesn’t cut it for us. Clodura provides 95% data accuracy with regular validation so you can trust your numbers and deliver more precise communications.

Hyper-targeted prospecting, advanced filters, and AI help identify the most promising accounts within your TAM. Finding fresh farming grounds for sales has never been easier.


Bypass the gatekeepers

Elevate your call-connect ratio, lower lead acquisition costs, and spend more time expanding your sales funnel. Clodura’s library of 120 million human-verified direct-dial numbers is like a fast pass that gets you straight to the decision-makers.

Avoiding the switchboards and operators, you’ll speak directly to the top brass, saving time and resources while boosting your chances of making meaningful connections.


Know your customers, know your competitors

Why guess when you can know? Clodura gets you under the hood with competitive insight and intelligent sales prospecting based on tech stack landscapes.

Gain deeper insights into buyer personas with data on over 15,000 tech products, making hyper-target campaigns a breeze.


Untangle corporate knots

Clodura’s org charts change the game for sales teams, locating contacts and identifying cross-selling opportunities. View entire spheres of influence and map accounts to get more pitches in front of the right people.

Easily target high-value, likely buyers with access to over 18 million company structures.


Browse, discover, and connect smarter

Simplifying contact discovery across professional platforms, Clodura’s Chrome extension is your shortcut to contact gold.

Work smarter and faster by accessing contact information from websites or profiles in a single click. Effortlessly push single or bulk contacts directly into your sales pipeline.


Our customers are our biggest fans

We used ZoomInfo and Slintel but were never happy with their quality and coverage. Clodura.AI’s quality and coverage of the B2B contact database are really impressive (even beyond USA). Its intent feature gave us low-hanging sales opportunities and reduced our CAC.

Clodura.AI automated our leadgen process and saved a lot of time and efforts in finding contacts, emails, and phone numbers. We can even automate our cold email campaigns now. Thank You Clodura.AI.

Clodura is the best sales prospecting lead gen platform I have ever come across. It's AI engine helped us explore potential companies which we never came across through our traditional search. I would highly recommend Clodura.AI to all sales and lead generation professionals.

The go-to sales technology according to G2


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