In a perfect world, we would have had just the right set of potential customers and a huge budget to maintain these customers. We would have active public relations and high brand visibility. 

However, in reality, we settle for low budgets, and emailing and cold calling becomes the way to find the right customer base. 

Isn’t it?

Clodura can change that. Let’s see how-

The sales unit of small and medium organisations has a constant burden of finding new opportunities. To fulfil this responsibility, the team often adopts several techniques to achieve new sales leads. For a B2B organisation, emailing and cold calling becomes the focus of all these techniques.

The team prepares a list of potential customers and finds their relevant contact details, either email IDs or direct dial details. Finding the relevant direct dials is a herculean task that engulfs almost all the time spent on preparing the list.

It is highly likely to stumble upon contact details that are outdated or belong to an individual who is not the decision-maker of the target company.

Nevertheless, once the list is prepared, the sales team starts preparing and sending pitch emails and making cold calls. There is no way of knowing if the potential customer is actually a potential customer or not.

Hence, oftentimes, the sales team has to face rejections because the target company doesn’t require a specific product or service.

From among the few emails and cold calls that turn into sales opportunities, securing a pitch meeting is again a difficult task for the sales team.

Here, Clodura can improve the sales pipeline. You can directly find the right customer base, having a high conversion probability. 

Clodura: An AI-Enabled Customer Search 

Clodura is an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered search engine which connects decision-makers from multiple organisations with your sales team. The real-time sales intelligence offered by Clodura empowers your sales team to discover potential customers and create sales pitch opportunities in short turnaround times.

Due to its AI capabilities, the customer search engine offered by Clodura can accelerate your lead generation. Your sales team can simply skip the market research and directly start approaching potential clients with a custom pitch. 

The potential clients discovered through our customer search are, in fact, organisations with dedicated product or service requirements. Since the target organisation already has a requirement for a product or service similar to yours, you are more likely to land a sales pitch meeting sooner, rather than later.

The organisations who have a requirement for your product or service can easily traverse through the sales funnel and close the deal. This transaction improves your conversion rate and reduces the average time spent on every lead of the funnel.

Streamline Your Sales Funnel with Clodura

Clodura has a simple format when it comes to clients pitches. Just like you search for your required keyword on any search engine, you can search for your customer requirements on Clodura as well.

Let’s see how you can achieve this.

1. The first step towards entering the world of efficient lead generation is to know your sales triggers. This means finding the type of audience you need for your product or service and the type of audience that requires your product or service.

The type of triggers that may be suitable for your business could be-

  • Companies willing to spend in a specific direction, on a specific product or service.
  • Companies that have just received considerable funding.
  • Companies that are looking to acquire a team for product or service building.
  • Companies that are already using a certain set of technological advancements or services related to your product.

2. Once you know your sales triggers, you can utilise Clodura’s customer search to directly search for the potential customer. You can change search verticals via our intelligent filters, thus making every search hassle-free and relevant.

Did you know that only about 5% of companies and organisations around the world have a requirement for your product?

With a restricted customer base like this, spending several days or maybe even months just to close one sales deal is a normal scenario. So, why not reduce the time spent on closing the deal? 

Clodura has just the perfect solution for your sales team. You can find the exact customer base, reach out to the decision-makers, and arrange a sales pitch meeting even in the second call.

Why Clodura?

  • Clodura covers relevant organisations across the globe. If you have a product or service with a target audience in a specific country, you can pitch them through Clodura.
  • The platform offers you the convenience of reaching out to clients through email, LinkedIn, or phone. You don’t have to export or import data.
  • The advanced matching algorithm makes it easier for you to find your customer based on specific criteria.
  • We have around 25 sales triggers which can be customised to discover the right set of companies that have a requirement of your product or service.
  • You can create email campaign through an anti-spam manager, which can circumvent the spam filter.
  • You can track live events occurring across the globe to find relevant companies attending this event. Based on this knowledge, you can add these companies to your sales pipeline.