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Universitas Padjadjaran

Education Management

  • Revenue 501M - 1B
  • Size 1001 - 5000
  • HQ Contact +62 22 84288846
  • Website unpad.ac.id

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People working in Universitas Padjadjaran

Kasno Pamungkas
secretary ***************@*****.ac.id ********4136
Ayi Bahtiar
Head of Advanced Materials... ***********@*****.ac.id ********4294
Mochamad Derryana
Head of Sub Division... *****************@*****.ac.id ********5615
Rahmatika Desiana
Secretary *****************@*****.ac.id ********9681
Dina Sartika
head of vocational program... ************@*****.ac.id ********5083
Vieri Putra
Ekspedisi Padjadjaran 2021 Head... ***********@*****.ac.id ********6273
Yuni Pratiwi
Head of International Unit... ************@*****.ac.id ********2110
Marlina Mustikaningsih
Secretary **********************@*****.ac.id ********7718
Cahya Irawady
Head of Internal Audit... *************@*****.ac.id ********7723
Ofiar Murwanti
Head of Administrative Subdivision... **************@*****.ac.id ********2481
Rektorat Unpad
Secretary **************@*****.ac.id ********8552
Anne Nurbaity
Head of Teaching and... *************@*****.ac.id ********5517
Danar Dono
Head of Centre for... **********@*****.ac.id ********4213
Khairunisa Ramadhannur
Personal Secretary ***************@*****.ac.id ********1316
Dhyana Melawati
Head Of Information system... ***************@*****.ac.id ********2718
Talitha Cyara
Head of Communication and... *************@*****.ac.id ********8656
Aulia Iskandarsyah
Director of Human Resource... ******************@*****.ac.id ********0063
Gatot Riwi
Managing Director **************@*****.ac.id ********5742
Injabar Unpad
Director *************@*****.ac.id ********1096
Abdul Karim
Manager ***********@*****.ac.id ********2578
Rustam Tam
Sales Manager **********@*****.ac.id ********3751
Qodar Azila
Teaching Assistant Management Operation... ***********@*****.ac.id ********4315
Ai Nurfaridah
Project Manager *************@*****.ac.id ********6829
Admin Hima
Communication Management ************@*****.ac.id ********8304
Chay Asdak
Professor in Watershed Management... **********@*****.ac.id ********0237
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Products & Technologies used at Universitas Padjadjaran

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Frequently asked questions about Universitas Padjadjaran

    world class university
  2. What is UNIVERSITAS PADJADJARAN's industry?
    Universitas padjadjaran operates in Education management industry.
  3. What is UNIVERSITAS PADJADJARAN's HQ phone number?
    Universitas padjadjaran's HQ Phone number is +62 22 84288846
  4. What is UNIVERSITAS PADJADJARAN's revenue?
    Universitas padjadjaran's revenue is 501m - 1b
  5. What is UNIVERSITAS PADJADJARAN's company size?
    Universitas padjadjaran's has 1001 - 5000 people working.
  6. What is UNIVERSITAS PADJADJARAN's official website?
    www.unpad.ac.id is official website of Universitas padjadjaran.