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Trican Well Service, L.P

Mining & Metals

  • Revenue 501M - 1B
  • Size 1001 - 5000
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People working in Trican Well Service, L.P

Jim Mckee
Sr VP Corporate Development... *********@*** ********7422
Rob Cox
VP Canadian GR *******@*** ********6628
Brian Lane
Vice President Sales Marketing... **********@*** ********0376
Sheri Roth
Director Of Information Technology... **********@*** ********1879
Grant Farion
Director Laboratory Services ************@*** ********5680
Kd Passons
director of marketing **********@*** ********5465
Max Jorgensen
Director Technical Services *************@*** ********3957
Kelwin Lee
Senior Finance Director **********@*** ********1492
Stuart Blacklock
Director Supply Chain ****************@*** ********5099
Evgeny Kazakov
Coil Tubing Department Service... **************@*** ********3791
Randy Balderson
HSEDOT Compliance Supervisor ***************@*** ********0142
Brandon Bradford
Inventory Specialist ****************@*** ********1509
Andrew Mcgill
Supervisor *************@*** ********8476
Estuardo Gomez
Field Operations Specialist **************@*** ********1898
Greg Gough
Supervisor **********@*** ********0976
Rebecca Hu
Technical Team Lead Fracturing... **********@*** ********5748
Don Mcwhan
Ops manager **********@*** ********8418
Olga Ioannidi
Account Manager *************@*** ********8101
Jennifer Howard
Account Manager ***************@*** ********9439
Darryl Kjos
Base Manager ***********@*** ********6023
Rick Simpson
Training Specialist ************@*** ********8610
Evan Wagenaar
frac supervisor *************@*** ********3747
Dave Dent
INDUSTRIAL PIPELINE SUPERVISOR *********@*** ********7438
Ken Mclaren
Supervisor ***********@*** ********4474
Ben Mikulski
manager ************@*** ********2689
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Products & Technologies used at Trican Well Service, L.P

Technology Stack used at TRICAN WELL SERVICE, L.P
Communication Mobile Compliance Operating procedures Real-time Procedure Operations Continuous improvement Workflow Root cause analysis Change management Database Payroll Fax Customer service Testing Acceptance testing Server Windows Etl
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Products used at TRICAN WELL SERVICE, L.P
Safe Access Microsoft office Root Salesforce Director Apprentice Microsoft azure
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Frequently asked questions about Trican Well Service, L.P

  1. What does TRICAN WELL SERVICE, L.P's do?
    Learn about from this business profile provided by Network Solutions
  2. What is TRICAN WELL SERVICE, L.P's industry?
    Trican well service, l.p operates in Mining & metals industry.
  3. What is TRICAN WELL SERVICE, L.P's revenue?
    Trican well service, l.p's revenue is 501m - 1b
  4. What is TRICAN WELL SERVICE, L.P's company size?
    Trican well service, l.p's has 1001 - 5000 people working.
  5. What is TRICAN WELL SERVICE, L.P's official website? is official website of Trican well service, l.p.