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T.C. Ticaret Bakanlg

Government Administration

  • Revenue 1B+
  • Size 10000+
  • HQ Contact +90 312 204 75 00
  • Website ticaret.gov.tr

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People working in T.C. Ticaret Bakanlg

Mehtap Ark
Head of Department ********@********gov.tr ********9245
Mustafa Ozdem
Ihracat Genel Mudurlugu Kobi... *********@********gov.tr ********5931
Damla Aktas
Head Of Department *******@********gov.tr ********4389
Kadir Eser
Head Of Department *******@********gov.tr ********9104
Nevzat Bozkurt
Head Of Department ********@********gov.tr ********8215
Gozde Bakici
Head Of Department *******@********gov.tr ********4546
Huseyin Yavuz
Head Of Department *********@********gov.tr ********9437
Gokhan Aktas
Director ********@********gov.tr ********9696
Onder Duman
Deputy Director General *******@********gov.tr ********5443
Ismail Uygun
Ticaret Il Muduru Provincial... ********@********gov.tr ********5322
Nebi Kose
Director of Customs Gumruk... ******@********gov.tr ********1812
Ozgur Arzik
Deputy Director General *******@********gov.tr ********9581
Akash Kumar
Managing Director *******@********gov.tr ********6053
Burak Yasar
Deputy Director General *******@********gov.tr ********1251
Bulent Tuncer
Deputy Director General ********@********gov.tr ********2597
Yunus Celik
Customs Inspection Officer *******@********gov.tr ********7108
Umut Mert
Customs Officer ******@********gov.tr ********8708
Yunus Ozcifci
Specialist *******@********gov.tr ********9891
Mahmut Sarigul
Officer ********@********gov.tr ********2119
Anl Duzen
Manager *****@********gov.tr ********3646
Taner Klc
Officer *******@********gov.tr ********4459
Aslan Acikgoz
Customs Officer *******@********gov.tr ********2277
Omer Akin
Senior Foreign Trade Specialist... ******@********gov.tr ********3352
Kayhan Celik
Customs Officer ********@********gov.tr ********5304
Ahmet Yavuz
Officer Statistician *******@********gov.tr ********5805
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Products & Technologies used at T.C. Ticaret Bakanlg

Products used at T.C. TICARET BAKANLG
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Frequently asked questions about T.C. Ticaret Bakanlg

  1. What does T.C. TICARET BAKANLG's do?
    Turkiye Cumhuriyeti Ticaret Bakanlg
  2. What is T.C. TICARET BAKANLG's industry?
    T.c. ticaret bakanlg operates in Government administration industry.
  3. What is T.C. TICARET BAKANLG's HQ phone number?
    T.c. ticaret bakanlg's HQ Phone number is +90 312 204 75 00
  4. What is T.C. TICARET BAKANLG's revenue?
    T.c. ticaret bakanlg's revenue is 1b+
  5. What is T.C. TICARET BAKANLG's company size?
    T.c. ticaret bakanlg's has 10000+ people working.
  6. What is T.C. TICARET BAKANLG's official website?
    www.ticaret.gov.tr is official website of T.c. ticaret bakanlg.