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Spitalzentrum Biel AG

Health, Wellness and Fitness

  • Revenue 501M - 1B
  • Size 1001 - 5000
  • HQ Contact +41 32 324 24 24
  • Website spitalzentrum-biel.ch

Spitalzentrum Biel AG is a health, wellness and fitness company based out of Vogelsang 84, Biel-Bienne, Bern, Switzerland View More

People working in Spitalzentrum Biel AG

Roman Waibel
head of shoulder and... ************@****chb.ch ********7000
Pd Jost
head of spinal surgery... *******@****chb.ch ********0239
Annick Vullierat
Assistante du directeur et... ****************@****chb.ch ********4635
Christine Meier
Strategisches Management Projektmanagement ***************@****chb.ch ********2998
Letizia Mercurio
Restaurant Manager ****************@****chb.ch ********3483
Laurent Burri
Information Security Manager *************@****chb.ch ********9079
Hugues Monnier
Strategic Manager **************@****chb.ch ********2510
Andrea Steiner
ict business consultant **************@****chb.ch ********6440
Jaser Maksuti
IT Operation Manager *************@****chb.ch ********4565
Dominik Oneill
notfall supervisor **************@****chb.ch ********5234
Chantal Grosjean
Customer Relationship Management Specialist... ****************@****chb.ch ********9776
Besim Gerxhaliu
Business Consultant IT Medical... ***************@****chb.ch ********2958
Josianne Ruffiner
HR Generalist *****************@****chb.ch ********0323
Anja Kernen
Sachbearbeiterin HR ***********@****chb.ch ********8393
Ronchetti Anita
Leiterin HR ***************@****chb.ch ********8110
Nicole Kunzi
Ernahrungsberaterin ************@****chb.ch ********2720
Barbara Schenker
Leiterin HR Bereich PflegeMTT... ****************@****chb.ch ********9396
Arnaud Bapst
Responsable HRControlling Payroll ************@****chb.ch ********7905
Josiane Ruffiner
HRGeneralist ****************@****chb.ch ********6384
Fritz Habegger
Schreiner **************@****chb.ch ********2330
Tiziano Padula
HR Business Partner **************@****chb.ch ********5689
Alena Kunzi
Fachfrau Gesundheit in Ausbildung... ***********@****chb.ch ********4081
Scheurer Marco
Leiter Einkauf **************@****chb.ch ********9232
Judith Schneeberger
Pflegefachrau Angiologie *******************@****chb.ch ********8742
Palmiroyvonnebosio Bosio
Einkaufer Beschaffung ************************@****chb.ch ********6024
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Products & Technologies used at Spitalzentrum Biel AG

Google analytics Sap Oracle hcm Jquery Tracker
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Frequently asked questions about Spitalzentrum Biel AG

  1. What does SPITALZENTRUM BIEL AG's do?
    Spitalzentrum Biel AG is a health, wellness and fitness company based out of Vogelsang 84, Biel-Bienne, Bern, Switzerland
  2. What is SPITALZENTRUM BIEL AG's industry?
    Spitalzentrum biel ag operates in Health, wellness and fitness industry.
  3. What is SPITALZENTRUM BIEL AG's HQ phone number?
    Spitalzentrum biel ag's HQ Phone number is +41 32 324 24 24
  4. What is SPITALZENTRUM BIEL AG's revenue?
    Spitalzentrum biel ag's revenue is 501m - 1b
  5. What is SPITALZENTRUM BIEL AG's company size?
    Spitalzentrum biel ag's has 1001 - 5000 people working.
  6. What is SPITALZENTRUM BIEL AG's official website?
    www.spitalzentrum-biel.ch is official website of Spitalzentrum biel ag.