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Punjab Kesari Logo

Punjab Kesari


  • Revenue 501M - 1B
  • Size 10000+
  • HQ Contact
  • Website

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People working in Punjab Kesari

Om Kasara
Owner o*@************** ********1637
Avinash Dad
Owner a*********@************** ********6351
Gajender Sharma
Owner g*************@************** ********6371
Sahil Khanna
Head Digital Marketing Sales... s**********@************** ********3002
Rajiv Sharma
North Head r**********@************** ********9749
Anil Pahwa
Punjab Head a********@************** ********7261
Rs Meena
Plant Head R*******@************** ********1834
Rajiv Sharma
Country Head r**********@************** ********8728
Alok Shukla
Haryana head a*********@************** ********7659
Amit Sharma
mktng head a*********@************** ********9037
Praveen Jha
Head Of Department Punjab... p*********@************** ********7681
Praveen Jha
Head Of Department Punjab... p*********@************** ********9487
Rajesh Sharma
Team Lead r***********@************** ********6315
Rahul Singh
Cricket expert Anchor Management... r*********@************** ********4500
Ajay Sharma
Production head a*********@************** ********3146
A Verma
Head of Marketing a******@************** ********8013
Aviral Singh
State Head a**********@************** ********4685
Aviral Singh
National Head a**********@************** ********3332
Sudhir Pandey
Head Of Digital s***********@************** ********8873
Chandan Jaiswal
Content Head Digital Business... c*************@************** ********7359
Rahul Puri
Servillance Head r********@************** ********0488
Chandan Jaiswal
Content Head Digital Business... c*************@************** ********3507
Abhijay Chopra
Director a************@************** ********0612
Vinod Verma
General Manager v*********@************** ********4646
Prince Kalotraprince90
Manager Advertisement p********************@************** ********1621
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Products & Technologies used at Punjab Kesari

Technology Stack used at PUNJAB KESARI
Windows server Facebook login Bootstrap Microsoft Amp Iis Amazon web services Twitter Google hosted libraries Twitter ads Whatsapp business chat Snowplow analytics Jsdelivr Google publisher tag 33across Prebid Jquery Izooto Google tag manager Google optimize
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Products used at PUNJAB KESARI
Aws Firebase Google analytics 360 Surveys 360 Sap Links Yum Leo Asp Jquery Asp dotnet Android Beacon Windows phone Tumblr Word Corona Chrome Next Sap
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Frequently asked questions about Punjab Kesari

  1. What does PUNJAB KESARI's do?
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  2. What are Punjab Kesari's specialities?
    Newspaper , Media , Publishing
  3. What is PUNJAB KESARI's industry?
    Punjab kesari operates in Newspapers industry.
  4. What is PUNJAB KESARI's revenue?
    Punjab kesari's revenue is 501m - 1b
  5. What is PUNJAB KESARI's company size?
    Punjab kesari's has 10000+ people working.
  6. What is PUNJAB KESARI's official website? is official website of Punjab kesari.