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Phoenix Lamp Limited


  • Revenue 101M - 500M
  • Size 1001 - 5000
  • HQ Contact +91 120 475 6100
  • Website

Phoenix Lamp Limited is an automotive company based out of 59 - A, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India View More

People working in Phoenix Lamp Limited

Tuhin Chatterjee
SrManager Marketing ****************@******* ********5134
Anita Dobhal
Marketing Manager ************@******* ********5406
Nitu Bansal
SAPHR ********@******* ********4536
Ravi Kumar
Electrical Engineer *******@******* ********9985
Vinay Hegde
Business Development Engineer ***********@******* ********8273
Abhishek Goyal
Executive Assistant Office Manager... **************@******* ********9413
Desi Launda
Electrical Engineer ***********@******* ********8649
Sunil Singh
Selictrecian ***********@******* ********5741
Himanshu Saurabh
Technical Purchase ****************@******* ********3997
Vipin Kumar
Deputy Manager ***********@******* ********8367
Sandip Sonavane
Assistant Manager ***************@******* ********3243
Shailesh Badola
Office Helper ***************@******* ********2716
Pradeep Qahtpl
Asst manager **************@******* ********6820
Shiv Kumar
oprator *******@******* ********2189
Vipin Singh
phoenix lamp *******@******* ********6899
Sandeep Mehra
Senior Executive *************@******* ********8868
Akhilesh Tripathi
Computer Operator *****************@******* ********5436
Karthik Traders
Distributor ***************@******* ********8801
Saifudheen Kuzhikandathil
Distributor *************************@******* ********0985
Yajnadutta Dash
diploma electrical ******@******* ********5516
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Products & Technologies used at Phoenix Lamp Limited

Aws Sap Android Pulse Next Zoom Animate Canvas Root Stars Orbit Opera Woocommerce Hotspot Morpheus Motion Halogen Amazon connect
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Frequently asked questions about Phoenix Lamp Limited

  1. What does PHOENIX LAMP LIMITED's do?
    Phoenix Lamp Limited is an automotive company based out of 59 - A, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
  2. What is PHOENIX LAMP LIMITED's industry?
    Phoenix lamp limited operates in Automotive industry.
  3. What is PHOENIX LAMP LIMITED's HQ phone number?
    Phoenix lamp limited's HQ Phone number is +91 120 475 6100
  4. What is PHOENIX LAMP LIMITED's revenue?
    Phoenix lamp limited's revenue is 101m - 500m
  5. What is PHOENIX LAMP LIMITED's company size?
    Phoenix lamp limited's has 1001 - 5000 people working.
  6. What is PHOENIX LAMP LIMITED's official website? is official website of Phoenix lamp limited.