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Food Production

  • Revenue 1B+
  • Size 10000+
  • HQ Contact +47 22 54 40 00
  • Website orkla.com

Orkla is a food production company based out of Postboks 423 Skyen, OSLO, Oslo, Norway View More

People working in Orkla

Elin Wintermeyer
Senior Vice President Human... ****************@***la.com ********7723
Anitaadeline Brendenveisal
Vice President Insurance Risk... **************************@***la.com ********7298
Olof Wiman
Vice President Operations **********@***la.com ********8145
Nils Goller
Senior Vice President Orkla... ***********@***la.com ********7670
Jens Berg
Head of Digital Workplace... *********@***la.com ********4957
Arne Lken
Director *********@***la.com ********4410
Keith Westwood
Retired Operation Projects Director... **************@***la.com ********1863
Lenka Kostlnov
Sales Director MT **************@***la.com ********4387
Serguei Gaidamashko
supply chain director *******************@***la.com ********3769
Beate Jacobsen
Brand Manager Jordan **************@***la.com ********3969
Suzanne Harrison
Marketing Project Manager ****************@***la.com ********7547
Kadi Arnik
Quality Specialist **********@***la.com ********0083
Genry Grossmann
Team Lead Indirect Procurement... ***************@***la.com ********2712
Karoline Bunzel
Sourcing Manager ***************@***la.com ********7124
Tomas Proksa
Engineering Project Manager ************@***la.com ********5273
Pedersen Stig
Key Account Manager *************@***la.com ********0301
Joanna Marszal
Procurement Manager for CEE... ********************@***la.com ********8875
Marco Damato
Brand manager ************@***la.com ********5585
Andrew Stevenson
Senior Privacy Compliance Manager... ****************@***la.com ********8297
Sophie Arildsson
Senior Manager Sustainable Sourcing... ****************@***la.com ********6484
George Vervelakis
SAP SME Consultant in... *****************@***la.com ********5646
Lenhart A
EHS manager *********@***la.com ********9831
Camilla Hellum
Digital Communications Manager **************@***la.com ********0963
Heidi Lier
Team Lead Manfuacturing **********@***la.com ********5201
Carljohan Emilsson
Manager Business Control ******************@***la.com ********8743
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Products & Technologies used at Orkla

Technology Stack used at ORKLA
Communication B2b Customer service Forecasting Exchange Operations Audit Link Financial Collaboration Protection Presence
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Products used at ORKLA
Sap Cream Excel Next Access Onetrust Zoom Wordpress Sap Frontpage Director Taste Workplace Sam
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Frequently asked questions about Orkla

  1. What does ORKLA's do?
    Orkla is a food production company based out of Postboks 423 Skyen, OSLO, Oslo, Norway
  2. What is ORKLA's industry?
    Orkla operates in Food production industry.
  3. What is ORKLA's HQ phone number?
    Orkla's HQ Phone number is +47 22 54 40 00
  4. What is ORKLA's revenue?
    Orkla's revenue is 1b+
  5. What is ORKLA's company size?
    Orkla's has 10000+ people working.
  6. What is ORKLA's official website?
    www.orkla.com is official website of Orkla.