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Marketing and Advertising

  • Revenue 501M - 1B
  • Size 1001 - 5000
  • HQ Contact
  • Website

MBA Marketing digital et Commerce sur Internet #MBAMCI | Institut Leonard de Vinci View More

People working in MBA MCI

Yann Favennec
Marketing Manager/Director y************@***** ********6145
Maxime Boisse
Manager du Marketing Digital... m************@***** ********3983
Abdessadeq Bahmani
Digital Marketing Manager (MBA)... a*****************@***** ********7822
Samir Boulainine
Digital Marketing Manager s***************@***** ********7361
Gregory Vendruscolo
Manager du marketing digital... g******************@***** ********5371
Youssef Yakhlifi
Manager du Marketing Digital... y***************@***** ********8023
Kenza Amazzal
Manager marketing digital k************@***** ********8059
Ludovic Guelibolian
Digital Marketing Manager (... l******************@***** ********9282
Abdelkader Moussa
Manager du Marketing Digital... a****************@***** ********1880
Martina Bliznakova
Manager du marketing digital... m*****************@***** ********4647
Sara Mernissi
Manager du Marketing Digital... s************@***** ********1816
Majid Taibi
Manager du Marketing Digital... m**********@***** ********7755
Magalie Delamarre
Manager du marketing digital... m****************@***** ********4332
Mariam Tahhar
Manager du Marketing Digital... m************@***** ********3360
Jeremy Marro
Manager du Marketing Digital... j***********@***** ********6917
Jerome Davard
Manager en marketing digital... j************@***** ********8425
Edem Dzotsi
Manager du Marketing Digital... e**********@***** ********4615
Emcy Fk
Digital Officer e******@***** ********2469
Tatiana Kijak
Digital Marketing Manager t************@***** ********6365
Iria Yanez
de - France, France... i*********@***** ********8416
Caoitare El
Manager du marketing digital... c**********@***** ********6172
Mouhcine Khalid
Digital Marketing Manager (... m**************@***** ********9190
Floriane Hioco
Digital Marketing Manager (student)... f*************@***** ********8271
Larissa Carrilero
Manager du marketing digital... L****************@***** ********9291
Ilham Ouzzani
DIGITAL MARKETING MANAGER i************@***** ********8653
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Products & Technologies used at MBA MCI

Products used at MBA MCI
Aws Pimcore Canvas Flex Jquery Wordpress Fusion Links Root Sam Next
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Frequently asked questions about MBA MCI

  1. What does MBA MCI's do?
    MBA Marketing digital et Commerce sur Internet #MBAMCI | Institut Leonard de Vinci
  2. What is MBA MCI's industry?
    Mba mci operates in Marketing and advertising industry.
  3. What is MBA MCI's revenue?
    Mba mci's revenue is 501m - 1b
  4. What is MBA MCI's company size?
    Mba mci's has 1001 - 5000 people working.
  5. What is MBA MCI's official website? is official website of Mba mci.