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  • Revenue 1B+
  • Size 10000+
  • HQ Contact
  • Website jdsports.co.uk

JD is a sport- fashion retail company based in bury, which expanded across the UK and has become a major place to go and buy sports-fashion wear View More

People working in JD Sports

John Aguilera
Head of Retail Profit... *************@********.co.uk ********0338
Ashley Bennett
Head Of Department **************@********.co.uk ********3621
Zane Vitenbergabeinare
Distribution Team Leader **********************@********.co.uk ********0433
Ruben Paco
Director de tienda **********@********.co.uk ********0391
Ali Shah
director ********@********.co.uk ********7201
Nik Aleksander
Senior Director of Store... **************@********.co.uk ********6609
Michael Armstrong
Group Buying Director *****************@********.co.uk ********7419
Yann Siyet
de France France Directeur... **********@********.co.uk ********4050
Julie Lepore
Director of Retail ************@********.co.uk ********3969
Joseph Dixons
Assistant Director *************@********.co.uk ********6713
Sherilyn Paterson
Merchandising Director *****************@********.co.uk ********2103
Holly Taylor
Supervisor ************@********.co.uk ********3870
Nathan Lancaster
Assistant Manager ****************@********.co.uk ********6706
Dylan Coakley
Floor Manager *************@********.co.uk ********3230
Michael Kasch
Retail Sales Specialist *************@********.co.uk ********3687
Lash Sper
Sales Manager *********@********.co.uk ********8692
Pablo Pascual
Supervisor *************@********.co.uk ********7957
Evelina Postolova
Assistant Manager *****************@********.co.uk ********0839
Jonathan Cartmell
flagship store manager *****************@********.co.uk ********7869
Jessica Lawlor
Retail Supervisor **************@********.co.uk ********9512
Maria Ferrer
Supervisor ************@********.co.uk ********8389
Sibel Mehmed
Supervisor ************@********.co.uk ********7261
Khileshwar Kadirbox
store supervisor trainee manager... *******************@********.co.uk ********2017
Scott Smith
Supervisor ***********@********.co.uk ********2316
Michelle Wong
Marketing Manager *************@********.co.uk ********3188
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Products & Technologies used at JD Sports

Technology Stack used at JD SPORTS
Audit Database Http Infrastructure Link Measurement Media Mobile Payment Payroll Privacy Protection Redundancy Rest Scheduling Security Voice Communication Customer service Windows
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Products used at JD SPORTS
Gift Powerpoint Asp Baan Bazaar Blogger Google analytics Google docs Links Messaging Microsoft word Pages Workplace Zendesk Oracle reports Oracle Excel Board Visit Seeks
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Frequently asked questions about JD Sports

  1. What does JD SPORTS's do?
    JD is a sport- fashion retail company based in bury, which expanded across the UK and has become a major place to go and buy sports-fashion wear
  2. What is JD SPORTS's industry?
    Jd sports operates in Apparel & fashion industry.
  3. What is JD SPORTS's revenue?
    Jd sports's revenue is 1b+
  4. What is JD SPORTS's company size?
    Jd sports's has 10000+ people working.
  5. What is JD SPORTS's official website?
    www.jdsports.co.uk is official website of Jd sports.