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Jagatjit Industries Ltd

Food & Beverages

  • Revenue 501M - 1B
  • Size 10000+
  • HQ Contact +91 11 2643 2641
  • Website jagatjit.com

Jagatjit Industries Ltd is a food and beverages company based out of Nehru Place Market Road, New Delhi, Delhi, India View More

People working in Jagatjit Industries Ltd

Roopesh Kumar
DGM Legal Company Secretary... ************@******it.com ********5554
Kewal Kohli
Company Secretary **********@******it.com ********6359
Sharad Kanagat
AVP Corporate AffairsCustomer Relationship... *************@******it.com ********2313
Kewal Kohli
company secretary **********@******it.com ********2089
Nisha Agarwal
AVP accounts ************@******it.com ********6060
Swati Singh
Company Secretary **********@******it.com ********3778
Vinay Dwivedi
Head Of Unit ************@******it.com ********5418
Mahesh Gupta
Vice President ***********@******it.com ********8169
Santhosh Nair
Business Head Health and... ************@******it.com ********1850
Mahesh Gupta
VP IT ***********@******it.com ********5939
Mahesh Gupta
IT Head ***********@******it.com ********2190
Nisha Aggarwal
AVP FINANCE AND ACCOUNTS... **************@******it.com ********1269
Kewal Kohli
company secretary **********@******it.com ********2582
Sunil Raju
Vice President *********@******it.com ********4213
Rakesh Tripathi
assistant vice president **************@******it.com ********7508
Anandshri K
Head Legal **********@******it.com ********4570
Ajit Swain
company secretary *********@******it.com ********5691
Deepak Idnani
Business Marketing Head ************@******it.com ********6394
Gagan Sharma
Vice President Sales ***********@******it.com ********2944
Sorabh Kumar
Unit Head ***********@******it.com ********8959
Naresh Kumar
Vice President Supply Chain... ************@******it.com ********9626
Balbir Sharma
Associate Vice President Distillery... ************@******it.com ********9593
Prince Garg
Executive Vice President **********@******it.com ********1105
Arvind Behl
Director **********@******it.com ********2854
Devender Gulia
Director Sales India **************@******it.com ********2276
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Products & Technologies used at Jagatjit Industries Ltd

Aws Google analytics Origin Board Animate Jquery Canvas Woocommerce
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Frequently asked questions about Jagatjit Industries Ltd

  1. What does JAGATJIT INDUSTRIES LTD's do?
    Jagatjit Industries Ltd is a food and beverages company based out of Nehru Place Market Road, New Delhi, Delhi, India
  2. What is JAGATJIT INDUSTRIES LTD's industry?
    Jagatjit industries ltd operates in Food & beverages industry.
  3. What is JAGATJIT INDUSTRIES LTD's HQ phone number?
    Jagatjit industries ltd's HQ Phone number is +91 11 2643 2641
  4. What is JAGATJIT INDUSTRIES LTD's revenue?
    Jagatjit industries ltd's revenue is 501m - 1b
  5. What is JAGATJIT INDUSTRIES LTD's company size?
    Jagatjit industries ltd's has 10000+ people working.
  6. What is JAGATJIT INDUSTRIES LTD's official website?
    www.jagatjit.com is official website of Jagatjit industries ltd.