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Hospital & Health Care

  • Revenue 101M - 500M
  • Size 1001 - 5000
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Equipped with the best technology and experts, Indira IVF is the pioneer in providing affordable & creditable infertility solutions View More

People working in Indira IVF Group

Vikram Jagetiya
Head Accounts Taxation Senior... ***************@****** ********4149
Aman Narula
Head Of Business SupportImplementation... ***********@****** ********7539
Dr Nidhi
Center Head ********@****** ********1625
Rajmal Menaria
Team Leader **************@****** ********0689
Nihar Bhoi
Head of Clinical Research... **********@****** ********6738
Dr Singh
Center Head and IVF... ********@****** ********5017
Mathew George
Head Of Information Technology... *************@****** ********8660
Dr Gupta
Formerly ********@****** ********0249
Vasanti Anil
Media Head *************@****** ********8746
Gautam Saha
Head HR Business Partner... ***********@****** ********1072
Dhirajsingh Ranawat
Lab manager training head... *******************@****** ********0660
Azaz Ahmad
Head Clinical Pharmacology **********@****** ********0500
Swapnil Bhavsar
Zonal Head Administration Operations... ***************@****** ********2473
Drpawan Yadav
Center Head *************@****** ********8168
Manish Wahal
Dy General Manager Company... ************@****** ********8921
Naval Shah
Head Of Quality Assurance... **********@****** ********7344
Vishvambhar Sharma
Head Of Digital Marketing... ******************@****** ********3266
Mayuri Assudani
Centre head nagpur ***************@****** ********9606
Ashishkumar Patil
Head Learning and Organization... *****************@****** ********9721
Sandip Ghosh
Zonal Head ************@****** ********6687
Amit Mayani
DGM and Head Internal... ***********@****** ********4566
Yashpal Singh
Head Of Customer Experience... ***********@****** ********8993
Gaurav Sharma
Zonal Head *************@****** ********1129
Kapil Gaur
Zonal Head Admin Maintenance... **********@****** ********4946
Bhupendra Singh
HeadPAN India **************@****** ********0767
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Frequently asked questions about Indira IVF Group

  1. What does INDIRA IVF GROUP's do?
    Equipped with the best technology and experts, Indira IVF is the pioneer in providing affordable & creditable infertility solutions
  2. What is INDIRA IVF GROUP's industry?
    Indira ivf group operates in Hospital & health care industry.
  3. What is INDIRA IVF GROUP's revenue?
    Indira ivf group's revenue is 101m - 500m
  4. What is INDIRA IVF GROUP's company size?
    Indira ivf group's has 1001 - 5000 people working.
  5. What is INDIRA IVF GROUP's official website? is official website of Indira ivf group.