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I.M.P. Group Ltd

Management Consulting

  • Revenue 501M - 1B
  • Size 1001 - 5000
  • HQ Contact
  • Website impaerospace.com

Aerospace Product & Parts Manufacturing. Mil-Spec Wire Harness Design & Manufacturing Military and Commercial Avionics manufacturing and R&O View More

People working in I.M.P. Group Ltd

Munish Kumar
Sales Manager ************@**********ce.com ********4813
Karin Byrnes
Customer Service Specialist ************@**********ce.com ********4784
Peguy Chenaie
Consultant en affaires *************@**********ce.com ********7158
Stephen Murakami
Site Supervisor ****************@**********ce.com ********7913
Janette Australia
Administration Officer *****************@**********ce.com ********4983
Naomi Kramer
Production Manager ************@**********ce.com ********5616
Rachel Sofaer
Social Media Manager *************@**********ce.com ********0916
Lia Le
Import Specialist ******@**********ce.com ********7139
Amanda Kirton
Payroll Administrator *************@**********ce.com ********0151
John Ha
Automation and Instrumentation Engineer... *******@**********ce.com ********3948
Calvin Yapp
Graduate Mechatronics Engineer ***********@**********ce.com ********4278
Carroll Fillmore
Retired ****************@**********ce.com ********1276
Verna Lapointe
Customer Care **************@**********ce.com ********3539
Rosella Magliardi
Geometra *****************@**********ce.com ********8173
Sibusiso Sibiya
Truck Driver ***************@**********ce.com ********8528
Wesley Werner
Electrical Engineering Technician *************@**********ce.com ********8533
Bernadette De
Store Person ****************@**********ce.com ********7532
Cristine Pyke
Looking for work *************@**********ce.com ********9152
Vikram Singh
Trainee ************@**********ce.com ********4423
Granwell Williams
Service Technician *****************@**********ce.com ********6818
Shah Alam
c d party *********@**********ce.com ********5128
Rob Colter
Electrician **********@**********ce.com ********3854
Laura Marini
Laureato ************@**********ce.com ********0423
Matt Mella
Automation Technician **********@**********ce.com ********0009
Cristine Pyke
Administration and other things... *************@**********ce.com ********9434
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Products & Technologies used at I.M.P. Group Ltd

Technology Stack used at I.M.P. GROUP LTD
Dhtml Web development Continuous improvement Security Collaboration Troubleshooting Client service Communication Operations Billing Scheduling Presence Media Audit Cyber security Cyber-security Compliance Risk Vpn Telephony
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Products used at I.M.P. GROUP LTD
Nova Salesforce Illustrator Mailchimp Photoshop Word Microsoft word Indesign Excel Powerpoint Vmware Perception Citrix Cisco Microsoft office Safe Flight Air Access Pass
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Frequently asked questions about I.M.P. Group Ltd

  1. What does I.M.P. GROUP LTD's do?
    Aerospace Product & Parts Manufacturing. Mil-Spec Wire Harness Design & Manufacturing Military and Commercial Avionics manufacturing and R&O
  2. What is I.M.P. GROUP LTD's industry?
    I.m.p. group ltd operates in Management consulting industry.
  3. What is I.M.P. GROUP LTD's revenue?
    I.m.p. group ltd's revenue is 501m - 1b
  4. What is I.M.P. GROUP LTD's company size?
    I.m.p. group ltd's has 1001 - 5000 people working.
  5. What is I.M.P. GROUP LTD's official website?
    www.impaerospace.com is official website of I.m.p. group ltd.