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Ezz Eldeen Pharmacies Logo

Ezz Eldeen Pharmacies


  • Revenue 501M - 1B
  • Size 1001 - 5000
  • HQ Contact +20 2 33038300
  • Website

Ezz Eldeen Pharmacies, we seek to provide a unique medical quality. View More

People working in Ezz Eldeen Pharmacies

Muahmmed Ramadan
CRM Team Leader M***************@**********.com  ********9158
Ahmed Algushey
Sales and operation director... A*************@**********.com  ********6742
Usama Zidan
Sales Director u**********@**********.com  ********0151
Ahmed Algushey
Sales and Operation Director... A*************@**********.com  ********0723
Doaa Ali
Credit Sales Executive Director... D*******@**********.com  ********0036
Mohamed Gamal
Commercial and Business excellence... M************@**********.com  ********6289
Mohamed Eid
Director Of Pharmacy M**********@**********.com  ********4820
Nourhan Rabie
Branch Manager n************@**********.com  ********3051
Ghadeir Hussein
Administrative Manager G**************@**********.com  ********6473
Mahmoud Nady
Purchasing Manager M***********@**********.com  ********4347
Asmaa Salah
Branch Manager A**********@**********.com  ********2451
Sara Motawea
pharmacy branch manager S***********@**********.com  ********0211
Mohamedmahmoud Sayed
Contract receiving supervisor M*******************@**********.com  ********4862
Sara Adel
Area Manager S********@**********.com  ********2880
Abdelreheem Mohamed
Replenishment Manager A******************@**********.com  ********2340
Karim Hemida
Payroll Supervisor k***********@**********.com  ********3309
Mayar Ayman
Branch Manager M**********@**********.com  ********2502
Ahmed Saleh
Branch manager A**********@**********.com  ********9724
Salwa Rashwan
Branch Manager s************@**********.com  ********9337
Mahmoud Magdy
Area Manager M************@**********.com  ********0176
Heba Mohamed
Pharmacy Manager H***********@**********.com  ********2000
Ali Fawzy
Branch Manager A********@**********.com  ********5324
Hefnawy Khater
Area Manager h*************@**********.com  ********9049
Mahmoud Khader
Shift Manager, Community pharmacist... M*************@**********.com  ********4539
Shaimaa Kamal
Branch Manager S************@**********.com  ********7179
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Products & Technologies used at Ezz Eldeen Pharmacies

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Frequently asked questions about Ezz Eldeen Pharmacies

  1. What does EZZ ELDEEN PHARMACIES's do?
    Ezz Eldeen Pharmacies, we seek to provide a unique medical quality.
  2. What is EZZ ELDEEN PHARMACIES's industry?
    Ezz eldeen pharmacies operates in Pharmaceuticals industry.
  3. What is EZZ ELDEEN PHARMACIES's HQ phone number?
    Ezz eldeen pharmacies's HQ Phone number is +20 2 33038300
  4. What is EZZ ELDEEN PHARMACIES's revenue?
    Ezz eldeen pharmacies's revenue is 501m - 1b
  5. What is EZZ ELDEEN PHARMACIES's company size?
    Ezz eldeen pharmacies's has 1001 - 5000 people working.
  6. What is EZZ ELDEEN PHARMACIES's official website? is official website of Ezz eldeen pharmacies.