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Conservas Garavilla,S.A

Consumer Goods

  • Revenue 501M - 1B
  • Size 1001 - 5000
  • HQ Contact +34 946 17 90 00
  • Website

Conservas Garavilla,S.A Conservas Garavilla,S.A Conservas Garavilla,S.A Conservas Garavilla,S.A Conservas Garavilla,S.A Conservas Garavilla,S.A View More

People working in Conservas Garavilla,S.A

Pachi Edu
DIRECTOR DE LOGISTICA *********@**** ********9350
Patxi Muniain
Director de Logistica *************@**** ********7636
Jon Garavilla
Director *************@**** ********9288
Arantza Bayo
National Account Manager Retail... *************@**** ********5983
Begona Ricote
Administrativo *************@**** ********8916
Kuki Moro
Administrativo *********@**** ********2129
Yoli Agra
Operaria *********@**** ********9248
Manuel Prieto
operario *************@**** ********4871
Ilyas Hassani
Trabajador de almacen *************@**** ********5239
Isabel Alvarez
Operador de planta **************@**** ********8411
David Moreno
jefe de maquina de... **************@**** ********6700
Monica Pousa
Operaria ****************@**** ********4175
Leire Sagasti
MarketingComercial *************@**** ********8740
Alaitz Bengoetxea
GRUPO CONSERVAS GARAVILLA SL... *************@**** ********6852
Txema Benguria
Conductor profesional **************@**** ********4346
Iria P
Tecnico de laboratorio ******@**** ********9676
Perez Manolo
Asesor Tecnico ************@**** ********9730
Francisco Dominguez
Encargado de mantenimiento ****************@**** ********4992
Christian Garcia
peon ****************@**** ********2793
Raquel Ramas
operaria ************@**** ********2361
Marco Meis
Mantenimiento ************@**** ********2739
Alberto Bravo
Peon *************@**** ********3477
Ramon Sola
dventas **********@**** ********6909
Jessenia Vera
TRABAJADORA SOCIAL ***************@**** ********7426
Txema Benguria
Conductor profesional **************@**** ********0131
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Frequently asked questions about Conservas Garavilla,S.A

  1. What does CONSERVAS GARAVILLA,S.A's do?
    Conservas Garavilla,S.A Conservas Garavilla,S.A Conservas Garavilla,S.A Conservas Garavilla,S.A Conservas Garavilla,S.A Conservas Garavilla,S.A
  2. What is CONSERVAS GARAVILLA,S.A's industry?
    Conservas garavilla,s.a operates in Consumer goods industry.
  3. What is CONSERVAS GARAVILLA,S.A's HQ phone number?
    Conservas garavilla,s.a's HQ Phone number is +34 946 17 90 00
  4. What is CONSERVAS GARAVILLA,S.A's revenue?
    Conservas garavilla,s.a's revenue is 501m - 1b
  5. What is CONSERVAS GARAVILLA,S.A's company size?
    Conservas garavilla,s.a's has 1001 - 5000 people working.
  6. What is CONSERVAS GARAVILLA,S.A's official website? is official website of Conservas garavilla,s.a.