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Bosconet India Logo

Bosconet India

Nonprofit Organization Management

  • Revenue 501M - 1B
  • Size 10000+
  • HQ Contact +91 11 2539 0585
  • Website

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People working in Bosconet India

Benny Alex
Principal b****@****** ********4946
Sanjay Devanoori
city head s*****@****** ********2778
P Mathew
Manager Public Relations p@****** ********0274
Joseph Mathew
regional manager, strategic partnerships... j*****@****** ********3174
Shivika Singh
Csr manager s******@****** ********9191
Jiby M
Finance Manager j*****@****** ********3773
Bosconet Delhi
Consultant b*******@****** ********9818
Punam Chauhan
Donor Relations Manager p****@****** ********2258
Vasanta John
Donor Relations Officer v******@****** ********5184
Sanjay Kerketta
Admindepartment s*****@****** ********6697
Faster Donald
executive fund raising f*****@****** ********4965
Shinto Jose
Executive s*****@****** ********3831
Shaku Langhu
Executive Social Mobilasation s****@****** ********5335
Simon- Lakra
student s****@****** ********4723
Simple Suraj
executive s*****@****** ********4849
John Joseph
Councilor j***@****** ********4098
Jenan Traore
agente intercultural j****@****** ********3141
Davis John
Teacher d****@****** ********7839
Rajan Fernando
teacher r****@****** ********9193
Geo Joseph
Fundraiser g**@****** ********7169
Preeti Sharma
CSR Coordinator - Corporate... p*****@****** ********2762
Jokkuttan Ayanthickal
IT & Communication j********@****** ********2603
Smitha Holla
Counsellor/Documentation Incharge s*****@****** ********6449
Louis Manohar
National Coordinator l****@****** ********0194
Bosconet India
Nonprofit b*******@****** ********9127
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Products & Technologies used at Bosconet India

Technology Stack used at BOSCONET INDIA
Plesk Windows server Youtube Bootstrap Microsoft Iis Cloudflare Jquery Font awesome Cdnjs Google workspace Godaddy
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Products used at BOSCONET INDIA
Aws Azure Flex Canvas Whatsapp Opera Ubuntu Safari Tumblr Skype Internet explorer Jquery Firefox Microsoft edge Animate Chrome Aida Google analytics
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Frequently asked questions about Bosconet India

  1. What does BOSCONET INDIA's do?
    Unofficial page
  2. What is BOSCONET INDIA's industry?
    Bosconet india operates in Nonprofit organization management industry.
  3. What is BOSCONET INDIA's HQ phone number?
    Bosconet india's HQ Phone number is +91 11 2539 0585
  4. What is BOSCONET INDIA's revenue?
    Bosconet india's revenue is 501m - 1b
  5. What is BOSCONET INDIA's company size?
    Bosconet india's has 10000+ people working.
  6. What is BOSCONET INDIA's official website? is official website of Bosconet india.