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Akshar Fire & Safety

Public Safety

  • Revenue 501M - 1B
  • Size 1001 - 5000
  • HQ Contact +91 98250 73522
  • Website aksharfire.com

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People working in Akshar Fire & Safety

Virangi Shah
Head of HR *******@********re.com ********6448
Umesh Tiwari
Fire Supervisor ************@********re.com ********4385
Khushboo Jasani
Recruitment Specialist ********@********re.com ********8431
Roydal Pais
fire and safety sub... ******@********re.com ********7563
Sher Moahammed
safety supervisor **************@********re.com ********9961
Ritesh Chaudhary
Safety Officer ****************@********re.com ********6073
Sunil Bhadreshvara
Project Manager ******************@********re.com ********3148
Ratnesh Mishra
Safety Officer *******@********re.com ********6196
Parmar Safty
Supervisor ******@********re.com ********5477
Hrushikesh Mohanty
Safety Officer **********@********re.com ********1670
Rakesh Manasingh
Senior Fire Technician ****************@********re.com ********6333
Ankur Soni
Sr HR Executive *****@********re.com ********4599
Winim Modi
HR EXECUTIVE *****@********re.com ********3091
Nisha Mistry
Human Resources Executive ************@********re.com ********2943
Hiral Sathvara
HR ASSISTENT *****@********re.com ********5829
Nency Panchal
Human Resources Executive *************@********re.com ********1078
Jaimin Chauhan
Project Engineer ******@********re.com ********5109
Ajay Narayan
Fire Protection Engineer ****@********re.com ********0375
Heer Lalpuriya
Web Designer **************@********re.com ********4985
Parshottam Ahir
Engineer ***************@********re.com ********3858
Bhadoriya Siddharth
Project Engineer *******************@********re.com ********6078
Brijesh Shah
Sales Executive ************@********re.com ********5719
Deepak Shrivastava
Executive Recruiter ******************@********re.com ********1779
Urvashi Shankhala
He executive *****************@********re.com ********0011
Chanchal Kumar
Enggeniring construction **************@********re.com ********9511
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Products & Technologies used at Akshar Fire & Safety

Products used at AKSHAR FIRE & SAFETY
Next Bazaar Wordpress Zoom Flex Motion Tinymce Canvas Safe
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Frequently asked questions about Akshar Fire & Safety

  1. What does AKSHAR FIRE & SAFETY's do?
    Akshar Fire & Safety. is a company based out of India
  2. What is AKSHAR FIRE & SAFETY's industry?
    Akshar fire & safety operates in Public safety industry.
  3. What is AKSHAR FIRE & SAFETY's HQ phone number?
    Akshar fire & safety's HQ Phone number is +91 98250 73522
  4. What is AKSHAR FIRE & SAFETY's revenue?
    Akshar fire & safety's revenue is 501m - 1b
  5. What is AKSHAR FIRE & SAFETY's company size?
    Akshar fire & safety's has 1001 - 5000 people working.
  6. What is AKSHAR FIRE & SAFETY's official website?
    www.aksharfire.com is official website of Akshar fire & safety.