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Information Technology and Services

  • Revenue 1B+
  • Size 10000+
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Proveedor de soluciones avanzadas de comunicacion, con equipos moviles 3G y 4G, Tetrapol, Tetra. Gobierno Policia, Bomberos - Militares - Mexico View More

comunicaciones críticas transformación digital banda ancha segura... comunicaciones para seguridad... Personal Mobile Radio... SMVNO Secure Mobile Virtual... View More

People working in Airbus SLC Mexico

Manuel Mabroidis
Sales Director ****************@****
David Roman
Director de finanzas de... ***********@****
Ernesto Salcedo
Director Comercial y Desarrollo... ***************@****
Isidro M
Key Account Manager ********@****
Oscar Torres
Sales Manager ************@****
David Maldonado
Ingeniero de mantenimiento y... ***************@****
Alma Mayoral
Comprador JR/ Logistica y... ************@****
Jose Diaz
ventas *********@****
Mihail Solis
Ingeniero Entrega y Servicios... ************@****
Monica Rosillo
Agente help desk **************@****
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Products & Technologies used at Airbus SLC Mexico

Products used at AIRBUS SLC MEXICO
Portal Jquery Modo Google analytics Chrome
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Frequently asked questions about Airbus SLC Mexico

  1. What does AIRBUS SLC MEXICO's do?
    Proveedor de soluciones avanzadas de comunicacion, con equipos moviles 3G y 4G, Tetrapol, Tetra. Gobierno Policia, Bomberos - Militares - Mexico
  2. What are Airbus SLC Mexico's specialities?
    Comunicaciones críticas , Transformación digital , Banda ancha segura , Comunicaciones para seguridad pública , Personal mobile radio , Smvno , Secure mobile virtual network operator
  3. What is AIRBUS SLC MEXICO's industry?
    Airbus slc mexico operates in Information technology and services industry.
  4. What is AIRBUS SLC MEXICO's revenue?
    Airbus slc mexico's revenue is 1b+
  5. What is AIRBUS SLC MEXICO's company size?
    Airbus slc mexico's has 10000+ people working.
  6. What is AIRBUS SLC MEXICO's official website? is official website of Airbus slc mexico.