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Airbus Americas, Inc Logo

Airbus Americas, Inc

Aviation & Aerospace

  • Revenue 501M - 1B
  • Size 1001 - 5000
  • HQ Contact +1 800-267-8371
  • Website

Airbus Americas, Inc. is the U.S. branch of Airbus with its HQ located at 2550 WASSER TER, Herndon, Virginia, United States View More

People working in Airbus Americas, Inc

Al Mcartor
Chairman a**@***** ********1239
Jeff Knittel
Chairman & CEO j***********@***** ********8158
Barry Eccleston
President and CEO b**************@***** ********0241
Joe Mudd
Chief of Staff to... j*******@***** ********3325
Katie Mccarthy
Paraleal and Exexutive Assistant... k*************@***** ********8217
Alex Camp
Vice President, Sales Finance... a********@***** ********4382
Marina Lensky
Lead Supply chain and... M************@***** ********0398
Carsten Bulle
Head of US Cabin... C************@***** ********3510
Caroline Jecko
VP, Head of HR... C*************@***** ********7393
R Renner
Head of General Procurement,... r*****@***** ********0017
Elise Charbonneau
Head of Procurement Strategy... e****************@***** ********1068
Guillaume Mille
Head of Contracts g**************@***** ********3785
Vanessa Mccall
Head of HR Commercial... v*************@***** ********7854
Natacha Darras
Head of Central and... n*************@***** ********5364
Erik Lopez
Head of Fatigue and... e*********@***** ********8582
Bertrand Pasturel
Vice President, Services Sales... b****************@***** ********9893
Jose Vargas
Infrastructure Project Lead j**********@***** ********7145
Bob Wentworth
Director Finance b************@***** ********6746
Simon Pickup
Marketing Operations Director s***********@***** ********6409
Martinet Julie
Director of Supply Chain... m*************@***** ********4973
Craig Guillod
Director, Supply Chain Development... c************@***** ********9184
Alexander Akselrud
Director, Procurement Quality and... a*****************@***** ********7032
Jean-pierre Picchiottino
Market Analysis Director J***********************@***** ********9534
Martin Schmidt
Customer Support Director m*************@***** ********3951
Michael Mcmanus
Supplier Management Director M**************@***** ********1890
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Products & Technologies used at Airbus Americas, Inc

Technology Stack used at AIRBUS AMERICAS, INC
Operations Communication Compliance Customer service Voice Collaboration Workflow Fax Wire Financial Git Scheduling Nosql database Nosql Web-based Cloud computing React Big data Cad Database
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Products used at AIRBUS AMERICAS, INC
Word Sap Powerpoint Sheets Excel Origin Max Safari Gos Ckeditor Chrome Chromium Jquery Beacon Drupal Tank Air Flight Links Visit
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Frequently asked questions about Airbus Americas, Inc

  1. What does AIRBUS AMERICAS, INC's do?
    Airbus Americas, Inc. is the U.S. branch of Airbus with its HQ located at 2550 WASSER TER, Herndon, Virginia, United States
  2. What is AIRBUS AMERICAS, INC's industry?
    Airbus americas, inc operates in Aviation & aerospace industry.
  3. What is AIRBUS AMERICAS, INC's HQ phone number?
    Airbus americas, inc's HQ Phone number is +1 800-267-8371
  4. What is AIRBUS AMERICAS, INC's revenue?
    Airbus americas, inc's revenue is 501m - 1b
  5. What is AIRBUS AMERICAS, INC's company size?
    Airbus americas, inc's has 1001 - 5000 people working.
  6. What is AIRBUS AMERICAS, INC's official website? is official website of Airbus americas, inc.