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Higher Education

  • Revenue 101M - 500M
  • Size 1001 - 5000
  • HQ Contact +91 97317 79233
  • Website

Acharya Institutes is Bangalores Largest Composite Academic Facility with 12000+ students from over 75 countries in 100 odd academic programmes. View More

People working in Acharya Institutes

Nikita Shet
Assistant to Head of... ******@******* ********3715
Dinesh Dandapat
Head Of Department Product... ******@******* ********9448
Dr Vasanthi
Head Of Department ***********@******* ********7319
Drmallikarjunaiah Hs
Principal *******************@******* ********1119
Dwijen Das
Team Head *********@******* ********9507
Bhagirathi Suryavanshe
Prof and head **********@******* ********6334
Dhananjay M
Assistant Professor and Head... **********@******* ********3674
Ajith Padyana
Associate Professor and Head... ************@******* ********3216
Sanjyot Shah
Principal Acharyas NRV School... ***********@******* ********1162
Manish Thakur
Assistant Director ************@******* ********1619
Vishesh Chandrashekar
Director Corporate Public Relations... ********************@******* ********1025
Shalini Reddy
Executive Director ************@******* ********2687
Vijaykumar Chandrasekaran
Director Human Resources International... ************************@******* ********9566
Iqbal Ahmed
Dy Director Training **********@******* ********7951
Ganesh G
Assistant Director *******@******* ********5681
Shashidhar Biradar
Education Consultant *****************@******* ********4451
Swathi P
Assistant Professor Of Management... *******@******* ********6354
Prashanth Kp
NSS Officer ************@******* ********5626
Jto Sanganna
Jr Training Officer ***********@******* ********2108
Geetha Gopinath
placement officer **************@******* ********5964
Sonia Sharma
Deputy Manager ***********@******* ********6531
Sakshi Madake
Account Manager ************@******* ********0832
Veena Nagaraj
Consultant ************@******* ********4042
Arif Md
Assistant Professor Of Management... ******@******* ********1146
Shalini Mishra
Content Writer Social Media... *************@******* ********9293
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Products & Technologies used at Acharya Institutes

Technology Stack used at ACHARYA INSTITUTES
Lms Voice Text mining Analytics Media Mobile Testing
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Google analytics Links Forums Next Visit Flex Jquery Board Animate
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Frequently asked questions about Acharya Institutes

  1. What does ACHARYA INSTITUTES's do?
    Acharya Institutes is Bangalores Largest Composite Academic Facility with 12000+ students from over 75 countries in 100 odd academic programmes.
  2. What is ACHARYA INSTITUTES's industry?
    Acharya institutes operates in Higher education industry.
  3. What is ACHARYA INSTITUTES's HQ phone number?
    Acharya institutes's HQ Phone number is +91 97317 79233
  4. What is ACHARYA INSTITUTES's revenue?
    Acharya institutes's revenue is 101m - 500m
  5. What is ACHARYA INSTITUTES's company size?
    Acharya institutes's has 1001 - 5000 people working.
  6. What is ACHARYA INSTITUTES's official website? is official website of Acharya institutes.