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Consumer Electronics

  • Revenue 501M - 1B
  • Size 1001 - 5000
  • HQ Contact +1 479-646-4711
  • Website

ABB B.V. is a consumer electronics company based out of George Hintzenweg 81, ROTTERDAM, Netherlands View More

People working in ABB B.V

Dzevada Jasic
Team Leader Customer Service... *************@* ********6888
Alexander Gilles
Account Manager Energy Industries... ****************@* ********8014
John Koens
Project Manager **********@* ********7249
Tonny Schijven
Tender Manager **************@* ********1612
Rene De
Channel Specialist Wholesale *******@* ********7004
Jan Veen
Project Manager ********@* ********6084
Ineke Quint
Customer Support Specialist ***********@* ********5931
Naveen Bhutani
Data Science Lead **************@* ********9864
Remy Vianen
Accounts Payable Specialist ***********@* ********5119
Jaap Strijker
Engineering Manager *************@* ********7456
Winfred Santema
manager Human Resources ***************@* ********3672
Chris Brand
Regional Technical Manager Benelux... ***********@* ********0275
Carola Hoogerwaard
Management Assistant ******************@* ********1801
Sharda Balsingh
Holland Nederland Customer Service... ***************@* ********5564
Ad Albers
Project Manager *********@* ********9226
Marcel Verhoeven
Sales Manager ****************@* ********9090
David Kamukama
Senior BDM **************@* ********0894
Petra Mook
Sales Engineer Motors Drives... **********@* ********2281
Henk Van
Application Engineer ********@* ********2685
Petra Van
Sales Engineer *********@* ********8021
Peter Stroop
Service Engineer ************@* ********3645
Nico Vos
Sales Engineer Service ********@* ********8805
Robert Wolf
Design Engineer ***********@* ********0283
Valerie Trip
Service Coordinator ************@* ********0525
Nico Vos
Retirement ********@* ********3276
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Products & Technologies used at ABB B.V

Technology Stack used at ABB B.V
Talent acquisition Protection Rest Assessment Real-time Iot Cad Database Procedure Instrumentation automation Communication Media Analytics Internet Presence Windows Forecasting Git Development documentation Security
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Products used at ABB B.V
Motion Abb Baan Ging Solidworks Visit Director Photoshop Outlook Microsoft office Word Intranet Salesforce Access Marketo Excel Illustrator Powerpoint Safe Microsoft word
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Frequently asked questions about ABB B.V

  1. What does ABB B.V's do?
    ABB B.V. is a consumer electronics company based out of George Hintzenweg 81, ROTTERDAM, Netherlands
  2. What is ABB B.V's industry?
    Abb b.v operates in Consumer electronics industry.
  3. What is ABB B.V's HQ phone number?
    Abb b.v's HQ Phone number is +1 479-646-4711
  4. What is ABB B.V's revenue?
    Abb b.v's revenue is 501m - 1b
  5. What is ABB B.V's company size?
    Abb b.v's has 1001 - 5000 people working.
  6. What is ABB B.V's official website? is official website of Abb b.v.