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24/7 Security Services Logo

24/7 Security Services

Security and Investigations

  • Revenue 501M - 1B
  • Size 1001 - 5000
  • HQ Contact
  • Website

24/7 Security Services provides integrated security solutions by combining manpower with the latest security technology View More

People working in 24/7 Security Services

Stan Mashudu
Chief Executive Officer s***********@************* ********6586
Maritza Holtzhausen
Senior Administrator?Secretary m******************@************* ********3849
David Lima
Managing Director d*******@************* ********2194
Gina Coster
Financial Director g**********@************* ********5539
Joseph Leopeng
Branch Manager j*************@************* ********8399
Thabang Collen
Security Manager t**************@************* ********1012
Olga Lesedi
Surveillance officer o**********@************* ********6686
Kevin Marx
Security Officer k*********@************* ********9824
Enid Vorster
site manager e***********@************* ********1657
Craig Easton
Site Supervisor c***********@************* ********1928
Peter Gentle
marketing manager p***********@************* ********5693
Donald Zana
Military Officer d**********@************* ********1871
Pride Nomagugu
Security Supervisor p*************@************* ********5388
Andre Plessis
General Manager a************@************* ********5678
Ratshupana Seroke
Security Consultant r****************@************* ********9098
Gideon Makwala
Supervisor g*************@************* ********9058
Thabani Moyo
Security Supervisor t***********@************* ********5967
Johan Ferreira
Site Manager j*************@************* ********1575
Rudzani Matambele
Senior Site Supervisor &... r****************@************* ********2650
Johannes Leseka
Security Gaming Manager j**************@************* ********1141
Tencent Cheleni
Tactical reaction officer t**************@************* ********3356
Lakshminarayana Lakshminarayana
Security Officer l******************************@************* ********5537
Chimie Nyirenda
Human Resources Manager c**************@************* ********5129
Phumlani Suka
security supervisor p************@************* ********6529
Ganesh Raut
Security Supervisor g**********@************* ********3981
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Products & Technologies used at 24/7 Security Services

Technology Stack used at 24/7 SECURITY SERVICES
Internet protocol Voice Internet Alarm monitoring Radio Communication Security
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Products used at 24/7 SECURITY SERVICES
Board Flash player Tinymce Jquery Next Animate K9 Wordpress
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Frequently asked questions about 24/7 Security Services

  1. What does 24/7 SECURITY SERVICES's do?
    24/7 Security Services provides integrated security solutions by combining manpower with the latest security technology
  2. What is 24/7 SECURITY SERVICES's industry?
    24/7 security services operates in Security and investigations industry.
  3. What is 24/7 SECURITY SERVICES's revenue?
    24/7 security services's revenue is 501m - 1b
  4. What is 24/7 SECURITY SERVICES's company size?
    24/7 security services's has 1001 - 5000 people working.
  5. What is 24/7 SECURITY SERVICES's official website? is official website of 24/7 security services.