List of Top 20 Companies Using Shopify CMS In The USA

You are probably aware that among the first million websites, Shopify as an eCommerce platform has a market share of 10.03%. Additionally, many online stores have benefitted the various advantages using Shopify’s CMS platform. 

So if you intend to target US based ecommerce online stores for your sales pipeline then knowing those customers would give you an added advantage! Moreover, if you wish to expand further, Canada's Ottawa-based Shopify operates more than 600,000 merchants in over 175 countries, including Nestlé, Red Bull, Kylie Cosmetics, to name a few which also operate in the US. Tap one and you may get many more! 

Clodura has collated those clients using Shopify CMS based on a variety of parameters and only the top 20 have been selected.  

Download your copy listing the Top 20 Companies using Shopify CMS in the USA and fast-track your sales pipeline. 


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