20 B2B Cold Calling Tips to Generate More Meetings

The statement begins by highlighting a surprising statistic: 49% of buyers actually prefer to be contacted through cold calling as their initial point of contact. This fact challenges the common perception that cold calling is ineffective in the modern sales landscape. However, it immediately acknowledges that despite this preference, cold calling is not necessarily an easy task. 

A staggering 49% of buyers prefer cold calling as the first point of contact! But does that make your job easy? Ofcourse Not. Cold Calling is Not Dead. But it is not easy too. To make your job easier, we have compiled this e-book on top 20 must-try cold calling techniques to guarantee you higher connect & conversion ratios. Start practicing these techniques today and get unbelievably high conversions on your cold calls. 

The author emphasizes that while cold calling is still a viable method, it doesn't guarantee success without the right strategies. They assert that it's essential to understand that cold calling is not a simple or effortless process. It requires specific techniques and approaches to be effective. 

To assist sales professionals in overcoming the challenges of cold calling, the author introduces the main purpose of the e-book: to compile and present the top 20 cold calling techniques that are worth trying. These techniques are intended to improve the success rate of cold calls by enhancing the ability to connect with potential customers and ultimately convert them into buyers. 

The promise of the e-book is clear: by implementing these techniques, the reader can expect to experience higher connection rates (meaning more people answering and engaging during cold calls) and increased conversion rates (meaning more people becoming actual customers as a result of those calls). 

In conclusion, the message encourages readers to take action and begin practicing these techniques immediately. The tone of the message is confident, suggesting that by using these strategies, one can achieve remarkably high levels of success in their cold calling efforts. It reinforces the idea that while cold calling is challenging, it is far from dead, and with the right approach, it can still be a highly effective sales tool. 

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