How To Get More B2B Sales Leads Faster!

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May 02 2022


Today's customers are spoiled with choices. They have the power to select, switch, and shuttle.  So, what's the key to attracting new leads in a market that is so dynamic? If you're looking for some lead generation ideas that won't waste your time, you need to read this post.

In B2B Sales, 28.2% of businesses consider gathering qualified leads in volumes, the most challenging part. We are listing some of the time-tested methods for generating high-quality leads with minimal effort. The techniques are helpful no matter what stage your business is in currently.

Here are eight ways to generate new leads for your business - from social media to event marketing.

Offer Free Downloads or Trials

When you're launching a new product or service, even the best salespeople in your business might struggle to get more B2B leads. Why? Because most potential customers haven't heard of you before and aren't sold on your company yet. There's a simple way to overcome that - offer free downloads or trials of your product so potential customers can get a hands-on experience. After all, everyone loves a free experience! It builds intrigue, which eventually makes the user try out the app or product before buying it. It is a powerful way to build trust and credibility with new prospects and help gain more B2B leads.

Use Your CTAs

CTA or call-to-action is an image or text like 'click here' that prompts someone to take specific actions such as downloading a free product demo, subscribing to a newsletter, scheduling a call, and others.

CTA is a crucial step towards generating leads for your business. The CTAs should be eye-catching and effective. They should be clear and placed where you expect new visitors to your blogs or websites. Also, have a few different versions of the same marketing tool and then compare them. This trial-and-error method or A/B testing is a great way to optimize and improve your website consistently.

Use UGC for Lead Generation

UGC or User Generated Content is the content generated by the user or your customer. Encourage your clients for testimonials, product and service reviews, articles, images, and audio recordings. Share them on your website to build a great brand impression and hopefully encourage visitors to complete an order—an excellent opportunity to market your brand using real users.

Host a Webinar

Hosting webinars can be beneficial to growing your brand and can help you find leads and develop new opportunities. If you are focusing on gaining referrals, don't think that it's not valuable to attendees just because there is no direct cost towards attending the webinar.

You can do more than teach your expertise; you can drive sales to funnel prospects through webinar signups, email follow-ups, and social media engagement opportunities. It's always important to present explicit content to your webinar audience to allow any potential partnerships or for people to become aware of what services and benefits are available for them potentially from you!

Creating Engaging Content

Content is a wonderful way to generate leads, but it must follow the correct content marketing model to be effective. Although most businesses write blogs and articles, these tactics don't necessarily leave an impact on your audience's minds. Your content needs to be engaging to ensure that your service or product can compete with others in your space. Keep your focus on the main topics you want to tackle with each post.

Use Actionable Sales Intelligence

It's an increasingly common problem for many sales professionals, especially if you're finding a snowballing pile of uninterested prospects and few actual buyers. Take advantage of actionable sales data to make the process faster, easier, and more successful. AI-powered platforms like Clodura.AI can find highly qualified leads and match them directly to the right customer profile.

Use Technographic Information of Companies

Technographic profiling includes your target audience's software and hardware technology stack to create hyper-targeted audience segments and personalize your sales & marketing strategy. Clodura offers a tech stack of your target audience to develop highly targeted audience segments and personalize your sales & marketing strategy.

Use Database Building Tools

Acquiring new and quality leads can get overwhelming. Leverage database tools to quickly build high quality and accurate contact database, segment it in many ways, analyze profiles of those contacts and reach out with relevant information that leads to the desired action. Clodura is an online database-building tool that collects contact and company information in real-time, allowing B2B marketers to find the right people and opportunities faster and easier.

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Final Thoughts

Lead generation is a significant component of growing your long-term and short-term business. While quantity is important, you would want to focus more on the quality of your leads. After all, it is about finding new customers and growing your brand, and you would like to utilize your energy for the most promising leads. However, generating leads for your business can be a challenging and time-consuming task. Advancements in new technology and social media have opened a whole new realm of possibilities, and marketing automation has transformed the way businesses interact with their customers.

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